June 25, 2024

Senators and Sovereignty Coalition Rally Against WHO Treaties and Criticizes Biden for Undermining U.S. Autonomy


U.S. Senators, House members, and leaders of the Sovereignty Coalition held a press conference on Capitol Hill to oppose two WHO treaties and they are also criticizing the Biden administration for compromising U.S. sovereignty and freedoms. They presented poll results showing strong voter opposition, with nearly 75% preferring health decisions by elected officials and 64% supporting Senate approval of WHO treaties. The Sovereignty Coalition launched the “Not Now” campaign to raise public awareness and delay the treaties’ approval.

Editor’s note: The adoption of two WHO treaties represents a threat to sovereignty and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. The Biden administration’s intention to approve these treaties without proper Senate oversight is alarming and blatantly bypassing democratic processes. Such agreements risk ceding critical health decision-making powers to international officials, potentially appointed by entities like the Chinese Communist Party.

If 75% of likely voters prefer health decisions to remain in the hands of elected American officials it is already a sentiment that underscores the importance of maintaining national and people control over health policies. The “Not Now” campaign by the Sovereignty Coalition is a crucial step in raising awareness.

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