May 27, 2024

WHO Pandemic Agreement is a Decoy. The Stealth Bomb is the IHR Amendment, A Mini-Guide for the Confused


The eyes of the world will be glued on the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA) from May 27 to June 1, 2014. During this WHA, two highly controversial instruments (WHO Agreements) will be debated and agreed upon. These are the Pandemic Agreement[1], previously called by various names including the Pandemic Treaty, and the Amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations or IHR 2005.[2] Note these references well. The WHO does not make it easy to find these documents.

The temporary good news is the failure of the WHO to come up with a final draft proposal for the upcoming meeting of the WHA.[3] Compare this WHO spin on this more … Continue reading The bad news is that practically all the worst elements of the WHO Agreements are contained in the IHR Amendments. We will see this in great detail below.


Global resistance to both WHO Agreements has been long-standing and has intensified in recent months.[4]See CCH Briefing Papers on SB1869 as follows:; … Continue reading Those resisting the WHO Pandemic Agreement greeted with relief, the news of the recent WHO failure to produce a consensus draft Agreement for presentation to the WHA.

But this relief is temporary. WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus is defiant. He spun the failure as progress toward a final draft for WHA approval through informal “hybrid” talks (corridor deals) among delegates of Member States.[5]See Reference #3 above. Such is persistence. Desperation would be a better world. Such hopes remain to be seen.


Be that as it may, the real bomb in the room Is the WHO IHR Amendments. All the worst elements that people protested against are found in Amendments to the IHR (2005). Of equal concern, the IHR negotiating draft of April 17, 2024, is complete for negotiations by the delegates of the Member States to the May 2024 WHA.

While there were around 307 amendments proposed by Member States to the IHR (2005),[6]As per the testimony of the Philippine delegate to the WHO Working Group on the IHR. Hearings were held on March 19, 2024, by Representative Dan Fernandez, Chair of the House Committee on Public … Continue reading of these proposed amendments did not seem to produce as much friction and heat as the draft text for the Pandemic Agreement.

Turbo-Charged Covid Protocols[7]See the hundreds of articles on the Covid Call to Humanity website regarding the use of these Covid protocols that are now named “Core Competencies”. Yes, absolute destructive competence. … Continue reading

Welcome your worst pandemic nightmares! The irrational, reckless, oppressive, and deadly Covid protocols are back with a vengeance. The current version of the draft IHR Amendments (April 17, 2024) contains the following provisions. They hide many of these in Annex 1 which lay out the core competencies Member States should establish in compliance with the IHR Amendments.

  • Nationwide surveillance (A.1. and A.2.c.)[8]The numbers refer to the numbering in Annex 1 See also, Article 1 definition of “inspection” and “surveillance” which will most likely justify the use of intrusive Artificial Intelligence (AI) for “systematic collection, collation and analysis of data for public health purposes”. There is also an entire article on surveillance, Article 5. This is a key tool of the WHO for compliance. Article 5 lays out the ideal of installing the core competencies in Annex 1 “as soon as possible” or, at the latest, in “five years”. This will be either an immediate plunge or a slow march towards medical martial law. But it will be medical martial no matter what.
  • Laboratory diagnostics (A.2.c)[9]There are further sub-numberings in A.2.c. They are not enumerated here for ease of reading. aka misleading RT-PCT tests that created the fake sense of a pandemic.
  • Control measures (A.2.c) aka disastrous Covid protocols. See also the requirement for contact tracing in Article 18. Yet in Article 1, WHO assures you, in their definition of “health measure” that there will be no police or security measures.
  • Access to health products (A.2.c.) aka deadly mRNA vaccines. See also Article 1, the definition of “health products” that, of course, includes deadly vaccines.
  • Risk communication including countering misinformation (A.2.c) aka censorship
  • Containment (A.3.j.) aka quarantines. See also, Article 1 definition of “isolation”. Further, while in isolation, one can be subject to a “medical examination”. Article 1
  • Disseminate recommendation from WHO (A.3.l.) aka real misinformation for psychological operations.
  • Nation has to respond with all these in 24 hours in the event of a pandemic emergency.

Annex 6 adds insult to injury.

  • Vaccination (Annex 6) aka mRNA vaccines the preferred platform of Big Pharma
  • WHO-approved Emergency Use Listing (Annex 6, Para. 3, Footnote 1) aka the Emergency Use Authorizations or EUAs for deadly experimental vaccines that turned billions into human guinea pigs
  • Vaccine certificates (Annex 6, 4) aka vaccine passports
  • Vaccine certificates in digital form (Annex 6.4bis.) aka vaccine digital IDs albeit optional but often subject to abuse in practice.
  • Total snub of measures to strengthen the human immune system as part of healing disease. Vaccines are the preferred mode.

Harmful Core Competencies Need to be Established ASAP

By the way, Member Nations have to install and operationalize these “core competencies”, as WHO calls the tyrannical measures found in Annex 1. Article 5.1. requires that these core competencies have to be established as soon as possible and no later than five reasons if there are valid reasons for the delay.

The WHO will install a “Compliance and Implementation Committee” (Article 54bis) to ensure that these core competencies are operative. This Committee, composed of delegates from different member nations, is directed to consult with the WHO Director General. However, the WHO DG ultimately decides on IHR matters (Article 49) including whether there is a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) and/or a Pandemic Emergency (Article 12)

Countries will also have to create their “National IHR Authority” and “National IHR Focal Point” (Article 4). Through these instruments, the Compliance and Implementation Committee will help oversee this vast global infrastructure to ensure that tyrannical pandemic health measures are complied with. In short, we have the global organizational design to manage global medical martial law when there is even just a potential of a pandemic manifesting in any area of the world.

“Potential” Pandemics Can Trigger Lockdowns and Vaccinations When Combined with Annex 1

Critics have been complaining about language that would confer powers to the Director General of WHO to declare an emergency for a potential pandemic. They are happy this power is no longer found in the Pandemic Agreement. However, this power still remains in the proposed IHR amendments.

In Article 1, dealing with the definition of terms, we find the following.

“Disease” … “could present significant harm to humans”. (Emphases supplied.) Well, remember the time that WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus declared a potential monkeypox pandemic emergency when there were only 5 cases of monkeypox around the world?[10] The WHO has abused this provision on potentially serious diseases and it will surely continue doing the same once the Amendments to the IHR are approved.

WHO defines an “event” as a manifestation of a “potential for disease”. (Emphasis supplied.) Again, we are not talking here of actual events, although they are included. This is about the power to declare an emergency in the potential “event” of a potential disease. This goes way beyond the previous practices followed by the WHO in cases of real pandemic events.

The definition of pandemic emergency “means a public health emergency of international concern that is infectious in nature and “is exceeding or likely to exceed” the capacity of health systems to deal with these events, plus “is causing or likely to cause” socio-economic and political disruption.

The definition of a Potential Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) includes events that would “potentially require a coordinated international response.”

“One Health” Language is Found in IHR Amendments

One of the most contested provisions in the Pandemic Agreement is the provision with WHO’s “One Health” trojan horse. With this, WHO’s jurisdiction will expand to cover entire ecosystems, and, with that, entire human societies in these ecosystems. This is one of the bases for a “whole-of-society” mobilization to be activated by the WHO and Member States as discussed below. Critical observers are happy with the disappearance of an immediate implementation of One Health in the Pandemic Agreement.

However, this draconian measure is still found in the IHR Amendments. Take a look at the definition in Article 1 of “reservoir”. A reservoir “means an animal, plant, or substance in which an infectious agent normally lives and whose presence may constitute a public health risk.”

In Article 11.c.(i)., WHO can declare a PHEIC including a pandemic emergency should there be evidence that “control measures against the international spread are unlikely to succeed because of the nature of the contamination, disease agent, vector or reservoir …” (Emphasis supplied.)

Ecosystems consist of animal, plant, substances, and their interactions. One Health is not gone. It is alive and well in its secure home, the IHR Amendments.

Not Simply about Medical Control But About Societal Martial Law

If there is one thing that the Covid lockdowns and other protocols showed us, the control of society begins with medical initiatives. Then this control rapidly swamps all aspects of societal life – economic, political, cultural, societal, ecological, human, and spiritual. On the latter, remember the closing down of churches while allowing liquor stores to remain open!

When countries sign the IHR Amendments, they will graduate from medical martial law to societal martial law. In Article 1, the definition of “pandemic” means “international action with whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches.” (Emphases supplied.) Whole-of-society is a code word for totalitarian control of society as we experienced during the Covid lockdowns and forced vaccinations.

In this context, Article 2, Scope and Purpose, of IHR Amendments are rendered inoperable by the whole-of-society approach. Article 2 aims at a public health response to communicable diseases that is “commensurate with and restricted to public health risk and which avoid unnecessary interference with international traffic and trade.”

Article 2 is deceptive as a whole-of-society approach found in the definition of a “pandemic” and “pandemic emergency” in Article 1 interferes with the interconnected workings of society as well as international traffic and trade. It turns out that there is very little “unnecessary interference” with the context of the WHO IHR Amendments.

Another Orwellian Provision

Article 3.1, dealing with Principles, states with confidence: “The implementation of these Regulations shall be with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons, and shall promote equity and solidarity among States Parties.”

Yet in paragraph 4 of the same Article 3, we find this language that States, in implementing these regulations will follow “the principles of international law, the sovereign right to legislate and to implement legislation in pursuance of their health policies. In doing so they should uphold the purpose of these Regulations.” (Emphases supplied.)

Article 3.4 obviously contradicts Article 3.1. How can the pandemic protocols being proposed in the IHR Amendments respect “dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons” when other provisions, especially Annex 1 call for surveillance, quarantines, face masks, vaccine passports, contact tracing, censorship, and other measures violative of the dignity, rights and freedoms of humans?

To add insult to injury, Article 4 requires signatory nations to set up a “National IHR Authority” and a “National IHR Focal Point” plus use local legal processes to comply with the IHR regulations they would have agreed to. In short, once nations sign, they are now under the control of the WHO, even If it seems that signatory Member States have local freedom to do things their way. Yes, they can, provided they adhere to the WHO regulations. Legislators will end up becoming simple lackeys of the new global order of the WHO.

Invasive Insertions Defined as Non-Invasive

Under the definition of “non-invasive” in Article 1, there is a long list of instruments for insertion in the human body and body cavity. Remember those long swaps placed in your nostrils during RT-PCR tests. They will be back and more.

There are other problematic definitions in the IHR Amendments. CCH encourages readers to read the document itself.

Pseudo Consultations

In addition to language games preventing Member States from perceiving the huge IHR Amendment trap they are about to fall into, is the provision for consultations as provided for in Article 8. The “should” language in this Article clearly shows that the “consultations” with WHO are obligatory. It is more of a report to WHO as it comes together with the surveillance provisions in Annex 1.

Article 6 further emphasizes the need for the Member Nation to submit reports to the WHO. In any event, whatever consultations are done. are ceremonial in the end. Article 49 gives the power to the Director General of WHO to make final decisions about health matters. Member States will then have to abide by these decisions in detailed procedures laid out in the IHR Amendments. The provisions in Article 12 further reinforce this top-down structure.

PABS Reappears in the IHR Amendments

Article 12, “Access and Benefits Sharing” was probably the most contentious provision in the Pandemic Agreement. Conflict over Article 12 led to the failure to produce a final consensus draft for approval by the World Health Assembly. (See beginning paragraphs above.)

The layperson’s title for Article 12 is PABS or the Pathogen Access and Benefit-Sharing (PABS) System. It is basically a nightmare of a provision that would reward pathogen-rich nations for allowing biodiversity mining in their territories with benefits to be provided by Big Pharma in economically advanced countries.

In effect, PABS would decentralize and reward the massive manufacturing and distribution of experimental vaccines, most likely using the deadly mRNA technology, all under the supervision and control of the WHO. The WHO would commercialize pathogen exploration and most likely experimentation in laboratories. Then vaccines would be created and manufactured by these potential pathogens that WHO could easily declare as having the potential of a pandemic emergency (in the IHR Amendments).

Under PABS, the WHO, like a wholesaler, would receive a 20% share in the profits provided by the PABS. This is not about the health of the world. This is about control and making a profit out of that control.

Unfortunately for concerned countries, Article 13 of the IHR Amendments contains PABS-like language.

If Member States think they have escaped the problems of PABS with the temporary collapse of the Pandemic Agreement negotiations, they will be quite shocked to find similar language in the IHR Amendments.

Often requiring Member Nations to establish the tyrannical Core Competencies in Annex 1 of the IHR Amendments as discussed above, Paragraphs 7 and 8 of Article 13 describe PABS-like features.

Here is Paragraph 7 in Article 13 in toto:

WHO shall support States Parties and coordinate response activities during public health emergencies of international concern, including pandemic emergencies. To facilitate equitable access to health products, [aka mRNA vaccines, among others] this support shall include, as necessary, coordinating with mechanisms and networks that facilitate equitable allocation and distribution of health products, including through technology transfer on mutually agreed terms. The aforesaid mechanisms and networks may include but are not limited to, regional ones and those established under relevant international agreements. (Emphasis supplied. (Words in brackets are supplied.) (Emphasized words carry language similar to PABS as found in Article 12 of the Pandemic Agreement.)

Here are key quotes from Paragraph 8, (e) of Article 13 of the IHR Amendments.

(e) support States Parties, upon their request, to strengthen local production; achieve quality assurance through regulatory approval of locally manufactured products; and facilitate research and development and technology transfer on mutually agreed terms. (Emphases supplied.) (Emphasized words carry intent similar to PABS.)

Para 8.(d.) of Article 13, ends up facilitating a fast-track de facto vaccine distribution systems for Big Pharma. WHO will also require a country’s FDA or its equivalent to facilitate regulatory authorization, in 30 days, of a health product, aka vaccines. Remember Warp Speed Covid vaccines which took eight months to reach the market. That was a massive failure and a genocidal disaster killing millions and injuring several hundreds of millions.[11]See CCH’s Briefing Paper to the Philippine Senate regarding the latter’s SB1869. … Continue reading Now warp speed will take place in 30 days with, most likely, even bigger disasters.

Global Pushback Against WHO Agreements

The WHO, however, with not succeed in pushing through with these totalitarian measures. More and more countries are becoming aware of the mines embedded in the IHR Amendments. Their governments are starting to officially resist supporting the approval of the IHR

The IHR Amendments have an Achilles Heel. They blatantly violate Article 55, Paragraph 2, of the existing IHR (2005). According to this article, the WHO has to provide a final draft text four months before any WHA meeting. That means, WHO should have done its job by January 27, 2024.

While specifically provided only in the IHR Amendment process, the same standard tacitly applies to the Pandemic Agreement. It is insane to expect senior delegates even Ministers of Members States to go through very contentious negotiating texts in less than a week. This is not a negotiation. This is a trap to fool the innocent and the uninformed.

Windows of Opportunity

Those disgusted with this WHO power grab have three windows of opportunity to stop these illegal and psychopathological agreements.

The first is to continue with the current awareness-building efforts and resistance. They are having an impact. We saw this above. In addition, as we shall see below, they will continue to have an impact beyond the World Health Assembly from May 27 to June 1, 2024.

Second, Article 55.2., of the existing IHR of 2005, clearly states that the WHO Secretariat needs to provide the negotiating text of any IHR amendments to the World Health Assembly four months before every WHA meeting. That means that the WHO Secretariat should have provided a final draft of the IHR Amendments by January 27, 2024. They obviously failed to do this. Their current final draft is April 17, 2024.

The IHR negotiations in the upcoming WHA would become illegal. Concerned citizens around the world will have plenty of opportunities to challenge their governments, as well as the WHO if the WHA approves the IHR Amendments as currently proposed.

Third, Article 59 of the proposed IHR Amendments clearly states that Member States have 18 months after May 31, 2024, to reject the IHR amendments in their country. Furthermore, Article 59 also states that the true activation date for implementation of the IHR is two years after the projected approval on May 31, 2024.

The world therefore has more than enough time to ensure that this diabolical plot of the WHO does not succeed. Let us make sure that the WHO will forever regret the failure of their illegal and devious global power grab. Let us send a message of resounding rejection against both the Pandemic Agreement and the IHR Amendments. Let us do it now with all the courage and energy we can muster! The Planet’s future is the responsibility of the current generation.


2 Note these references well. The WHO does not make it easy to find these documents.
3 Compare this WHO spin on this more frank and accurate press conference of the INB of the Pandemic Agreement.
4 See CCH Briefing Papers on SB1869 as follows:;;
5 See Reference #3 above.
6 As per the testimony of the Philippine delegate to the WHO Working Group on the IHR. Hearings were held on March 19, 2024, by Representative Dan Fernandez, Chair of the House Committee on Public Order and Safety.
7 See the hundreds of articles on the Covid Call to Humanity website regarding the use of these Covid protocols that are now named “Core Competencies”. Yes, absolute destructive competence.
8 The numbers refer to the numbering in Annex 1
9 There are further sub-numberings in A.2.c. They are not enumerated here for ease of reading.
11 See CCH’s Briefing Paper to the Philippine Senate regarding the latter’s SB1869.

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