May 27, 2024

PETITION TO PBBM, SENATE, AND CONGRESS: STOP THE W.H.O.CONTROL OF NATIONS, The WHO Proposed Agreements Legitimize Global Medical Martial Law







May 27 to June 01, 2024, will be the days that will either mark the Great Awakening or the Great Downfall of humanity. The World Health Assembly (WHA) will meet on these days. The WHA will determine, decisively, whether humans will live with honor and dignity or cower like slaves under totalitarianism for decades and even centuries to come.

On that day, governments will determine whether to remove humanity’s human rights, freedoms, democracy, free speech, and privacy in exchange for the supposed health security of humanity. On the one hand, there is the choice to embrace the illusory health promise of mRNA vaccines that have already killed millions and harmed tens of millions. On the other, there is the imperative to defend truth, freedom, and human rights and advance real health based on genuine scientific truths and protocols.

Should governments choose the lockdown, surveillance, and death regime of the now-confirmed mRNA bioweapon vaccines, then the world will have plunged itself into a global dictatorship that will subdue all areas of human existence.

Concretely, government officials via the WHA will decide whether to approve or reject two control instruments of the World Health Organization (WHO). These are the Amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the new Pandemic Treaty.


We have not forgotten!

We remember all the destructive lockdowns, the quarantines, the social distancing, the deadly experimental vaccines that were imposed on billions around the planet.

Do we remember the confirmed 297,000 excess deaths recorded by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)?

We remember that, most likely, 187,000 of these excess deaths were due to the COVID-19 vaccines which scientists and lawmakers are showing to have been bioweapons.

We will not forget the role of WHO in this ongoing genocide of humanity.

The WHO justified declaring a COVID pandemic based on mainstreaming highly inaccurate RT-PCR tests.

WHO knew there was no scientific basis for lockdowns. Yet WHO locked down the world in collaboration with governments. Now hundreds of articles demonstrate that his lockdown policy was a disaster. In the Philippines alone, two million small businesses were destroyed, forcing millions into poverty.

WHO knew that the science behind the masks was of low quality. Yet, it supported the massive mandatory wearing of face masks.

The Covid vaccines have now killed over 17 million people and injured tens of millions more. Yet WHO never once tried to stop this mass slaughter of humanity.

WHO has marginalized the amazing powers of the human immune system which is the foundation of real health and is the foundational basis of traditional vaccines.


These outrageous violations of human rights and massive deaths will not only return. WHO will crack down on humanity many, many times harder as compared with all the unscientific COVID protocols. These oppressive measures will be made a permanent feature of human existence.

WHO now seeks to fool nations with its two instruments of control.

WHO has violated its own rules in the crafting of the IHR and the Pandemic Treaty.

WHO is forcing governments to approve the instruments of control by not allowing governments to have enough time to examine and debate the documents.

The WHO deadline for a final draft was months ago. Yet, they have no final draft until now.

Despite its massive failures in world health, the WHO wants to continue with its failed COVID policies and even expand this to larger areas of control.

The WHO, in Orwellian language that often hides its intent, wants to have more lockdowns, quarantines, deadly mRNA vaccines, digital IDs, surveillance, and censorship. It can do this in a mere pretext of a potential pandemic.

WHO says there are no such provisions in the Pandemic Treaty but they are found all over the place in its proposed amendments to the IHR.

And in a new twist, WHO aims to distribute its central totalitarian power to petty nation-state dictators who want to share profits arising from deadly vaccines.

We know because we have done our research on these issues. We have also read the five Briefing Papers of Covid Call to Humanity on the treasonous nature of Senate Bill No. 1869 and the WHO.1 Many of the facts we assert are contained in these five Briefing Papers [1] [2] [3] [4] [5].


We believe in the sovereignty and independence of nations and democratic processes. That will be all gone under the two agreements that WHO is fraudulently forcing down the throat of government leaders. The WHO will reign Supreme.

Forget about the powers of the President of a country. Forget about the powers of the legislative branches of government. Forget about the rule of law as embodied in a fair and equitable justice system. Al these things will not matter when a country decides to surrender itself to the two WHO Agreements.

Filipinos want to live with their freedoms, health, privacy, access to truthful information, dignity, and other God-given rights intact.

We therefore demand the country’s President, Senators, and Representatives to:

Protect Philippine democracy and abide by our Constitution;

Join other intelligent and astute lawmakers and heads of government who are waking up to the WHO trap.

Stop the enactment of SB 1869 which will turn the WHO nightmare into reality;

Send a message of refusal to WHO that the Philippines cannot honor a process steeped in fraud and designed to confuse and corral governments into submission.

So help us God!

23 thoughts on “PETITION TO PBBM, SENATE, AND CONGRESS: STOP THE W.H.O.CONTROL OF NATIONS, The WHO Proposed Agreements Legitimize Global Medical Martial Law

  1. Keep fighting for human survival as proof of your faith in God who will give us another life and new body .


  3. Life is from God. No human has the right to take away that chance to live by prohibiting access to sustain life. WHO is supposed to help humanity to ease the pain from sickness and bring hope by finding cure. You are not to be used as a means to destroy humanity by choosing who has the right to be healed.

  4. Mr President sana ay huwag nyo payagan na ma control ang ating bansa ng WHO. Dahil sila ay controlled ng mga Big Farma, dahil ito ang kanilang pinaka malaking financers para ang WHO ay patuloy na mag excist.!!! Kaya ang Big Farma ang priority nilang pagsilbihan at hindi ang ating bansa!!!! Siguradong pag expermentuhan lang tayo ng mga yan gaya ng ginawa nila nung panahon ng plandemic. Huwag sana ninyong isuko ang karapatan ng bawat mamamayan ng ating bansa sa WHO na ito dahil hindi sila mga elected people ng ating banasa. Huwag nyo silang hayaan maki alam sa ating internal affairs. Tayo at ang ating mga elected people ang dapat mag deciside kung ano ang dapat at hindi dapat para sa kabutihan ng ating sariling mamamayan at hindi ang WHO!!!! Huwag natin silang hayaan pag expermentuhan ang ating mga mamamayan ng kanilang mga bioweapons tulad ng ginawa nila nung panahon ng plademic. Kung saan sila ang nag decide at nag control sa ating health, kung saan ang health protocol nila ang dapat sundin ng mga hospitals dito. Ngayon nakikita natin ang resulta, hindi naman nila tunay na na control ang paglaganap ng COVID!!!! Inuna pa nilang pag expermentuhan ang mga matatanda at may mga commorbidity, na dapat prinotektahan nila ng mabuti, dahil alam nilang mahihina ang mga ito, ang resulta napaaga tuloy ang paghatid sa hukay imbis na humaba pa sana ang kanilang buhay, kung hindi nila pinag expermentuhan!!! Lapansin pansin din na marami ang namamatay ngayon ng turbo cancer at miocarditis, na adverse effects ng experimental vaccines, na hindi naman nangyayari noon bago sila mag turok ng experimental vaccines na yan. Yan ba ang sinasabi ng DOH na safe and effective????!!!! E hindi naman napuksa ang covid!!!!! Na sana ang dapat ginawa ng DOH ang palakasin ang resistensya ng mga tao para labanan ang sakit. Pero hindi un ginawa ng DOH dahil hindi un ang protocol na pinayagang gawin ng WHO!!!!! Tila nabobo ng mga panahong iyon ang mga taga DOH dahil sa pang lilinlang ng WHO!!!! Dahil pag hindi tayo sumunod sa patakaran ng WHO hindi nila tayo padadalhan ng pamatay na vaccine!!! At ang vaccine na dapat i tinuturok lang ng once a year ay naging every six month, na naging every 3 month, kulang nalang na gawin every day!!!! At yung mga expired vaccine ay inextend ang expiration!!!!! Para hindi masayang dahil malaki ang ginastos ng gobyerno, kesihodang marami ang mamatay sa adverse effect!!!! 😳😳😳😳 ….. Huwag na sana nating ulitin pa ang malaki pagkakamali natin noon. 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Hello CCH,
    I just want to express “thank you again” for your relentless effort and passion for truth and to provide awareness to as many Filipinos as you can. It is an encouragement to me since I share the perspective you have regarding this “plandemic” issue.
    Recently I conducted an informal survey with at least 138 of my friends in fb messenger, who are mostly regular church-goers and pastors, in relation to their would-be pandemic response should another happen again. Although many did not respond, I think due to their unwillingness to engage with the topic, I still got more than half replies. It is a one-page simple survey result summary, and a link to a reflection video I made on their answers and opinions. Initially it was just for my personal purpose to determine my acquaintances’ basis for their decisions, but I decided to share it also with you, if perhaps you could also use it as a reference or for whatever it may serve the cause. The questionnaire and the summary result are not comprehensive and not based on standard survey format, but I think they are clear enough to provide relevant information about the current perspective of evangelical Christians represented by the respondents who are mostly pastors. Have a blessed day!

    1-page Survey result summary

    Reflection Video:

  6. I forgot to include the survey questionnaire itself, so here it is:
    1) What will be your personal response kung magdeklara muli ang WHO ng bagong pandemic at magbigay order sa mga bansa upang mag-lockdown at pabakunahan muli ang mga tao?
    2) Accordingly, what do you think will be the majority response of the current leadership of the church you are attending.?
    The third question is on the attached pdf file. Paki-read carefully na lang po ng instruction at paki-send na lang po ang answers sa aking personal messenger o sa email:
    Salamat po and have a safe and blessed day! 😀
    Pdf file link:

  7. Mr President Sir huwag mo sanang hayaan na ma control tayo ng WHO,huwag sana maulit pa ang nangyari noong pandemic maraming namatay dahil sa experimental vaccine maraming nawaLan ng trabaho Maraming naluging negosyo., maraming nagutom, maraming nawaLan ng buhay at mahal sa buhay sana po huwag ng maulit pa.”NO TO WHO controls”

  8. Revoke all immunity from Pharma companies and investigate and prosecute everyone involved in the mandates, maiming and murder of people who received the experimental vaccines. Immediate compensation of all murdered and injured victims by freezing all Pharma bank accounts and sending these to pay for it.

  9. Mabuhay ang Sangkatauhang Homo Sapiens. Pls do Not Depopulate, Enslave, or Dehumanize/Transhumanize our beautiful divine-crafted species… Down with unelected, nefarious globalist entities. 🙂

  10. NO to WHO and who does of thisPharma that decieve and so much lies , dont make the CREATOR bring down the wrath to those demonic and evil purpose , GOD IS GREATER than W.H.O. you are do not control the works of GOD or else GOD will control you and put you to shame , this the KAIROS TIME, GOD IS MOVING HIS POWER ALL OVER THE LAND SIGNS and wonders and miracles are works by HIS MIGHTY HANDS

  11. Laban tayo mga Pilipino stop pandemic treaty wala silang karapatan sa atin na maging sunod sunoran tayo sa kanila go go go stop who..wag natayo mag paloko sa kanila go go go .

  12. They will never stop controlling us and killing every Filipino, these elites globalists are pure evil, literally they did genocide during the pandemic by introducing vaccines then now they are denying they did not mandate it. Millions of people died and now are sick. Don’t be fooled by them anymore, stop and exit WHO or else all their plan will succeed. Save our country and save our children!

  13. Exit WHO stop pandemic treaty, we the Filipino save and protect our children for future generation

  14. Stop WHO stop pandemic treaty, we the Filipino save and protect our children for future generation

  15. Ingatan nawa po natin ang ating nag-iisang buhay. Di sapat ang kahit anong tulong kung napahamak na ang sinuman o namatay.
    Sino ang mananagot.
    Ano pa ang saysay ng katarungan.
    Kung dumating man po ang panahon na may kokontrol sa mundo tulad na nasusulat sa Banal na Kasulatan…mangyayari talaga iyon sa takdang panahon PERO HINDI dahil kusang nagpaubaya tayo na kontrolin kundi iyon ay talagang kaganapan na ng naihula. Habang may time pa sana ay maipaglaban at maprotektahan natin ang sagradong buhay na kaloob ng Diyos sa atin. Ingatan ito at gamitin sa kalooban ng Maylalang. Lalo na ngayong napapatunayan na sa buong mundo ang masamang naidulot ng minadaling gamot. Tanging sa Panginoong Hesus lang ipinapaubaya ng Diyos ang paghahari sa mundo. Ang salitang kontrol ay bagay lang sa Diyos sapagkat Sya ang may-ari at Sya ay Matuwid, Mabuti, at Banal. Kaylanman ay di sisira ng buhay.
    Ang tunay na pinaghaharian ng Panginoon ay may KALIGTASAN pisikal at espiritwal kaya walang dapat ibang magkontrol.
    Nawa ang🇵🇭 Pilipinas ay tumahak sa landas na inihanda ng Diyos sa kanya bago pa man likhain ang mga bagay sa mundo.
    THE Philippines is for Christ alone.🙏✝️❤
    Sana ang mga pinuno ng bansa na pinili at napagkatiwalaan, at inaasahan ng Diyos na mamuno ay maipagtangol ang bayang pinili ng Diyos upang ito ay manatiling mapayapa ay malaya.
    God bless the Philippines.👑
    God bless its leaders and people.

  16. Signed
    The WHO along with UN and their masters at the WEF where the western elites and their unelected minions strongly fund and influence more panapticon control of other nations have NO place in Asia. Sadly a lot of politicians are bribed under the table to legislate against our own people selling our resources and our bodies to this sinister intents and plans of the western elites. Stand tall and with your chins up People, wake up as these western elites have no compassion or pity on us all, they see us as a bugs that pest their plans and comfortable lives, they forced most of the humanity to inject a experimental drug that they called “vaccine”. That was pharMAFIA and their very small group/tribe masters Boula and Co. who knew during their tests that this drug was dangerous and toxic. They tried to conceal for the coming 75 years their conclusions of the criminal test they did on humanity.
    Do not comply! Your body is yours and God gave us the intelligence and guts to feel when somethinh is not quite right.
    Honour your family and Nation and trust no one except your inner self and your beloved ones. Question and research everything that comes from these elites and from those WHO think they are the choosen ones and above us all. God bless Pilipinas and our People.

  17. We are praying to God to intervene in this World Health Assembly (WHA), as He did to the people building the Tower of Babel.

    May God confuse their language also, so that they will not understand each other and stop this new pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

    Genesis 11:4-8 says:
    4Then the people said, “Let’s build ourselves a city and a tower that will reach to the sky. Then we will be famous. This will keep us together so that we will not be scattered all over the earth.”
    5 Then the Lord came down to see the city and the tower. 6 The Lord said, “These people all speak the same language. And I see that they are joined together to do this work. This is only the beginning of what they can do. Soon they will be able to do anything they want. 7 Let’s go down and confuse their language. Then they will not understand each other.”
    8 So people stopped building the city, and the Lord scattered them all over the earth.

    For more information, watch also this video:

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