May 27, 2024

Senators Demand Withdrawal of US Support for IHR Amendments and Pandemic Treaty


In this tweet, Andrew Bridgen, a member of the UK parliament, published the letter filed by 49 US senators to the White House. The letter urged President Joseph Biden to withdraw support for the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Health Regulations Amendments (IHR), and the Pandemic Treaty being brokered by the WHO.

According to the senators, “The WHO’s most recent publicly available draft of its new pandemic response treaty is dead on arrival. Instead of addressing the WHO’s well-documented shortcomings, the treaty focused on mandated resource and technology transfers, shredding intellectual property rights, infringing free speech, and supercharging the WHO”.

Editor’s Note: The Philippines must take heed. The new IHR amendments and the Pandemic Treaty were never meant to help poor and developing countries. It was meant to legitimize the WHO and to give it power to dictate to countries. Our leaders must take heed.

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