May 27, 2024

EMA Data Exposes True Extent of COVID Vaccine Harm


The following article features a 50-minute interview between Anna-Merel Kloosterman, who represents the vaccine-injured in the Netherlands, Sonia Elijah, and Wouter Aukema, a data expert and ethical computer hacker.

Collaborating with a software expert, Aukema developed a tool that enabled them to download all 15 million case safety reports submitted to the European Medicines Agency’s EudraVigilance in the last 20 years. It covers 6,000 medicinal products and substances, including the COVID-19 shots.

Some of the most shocking revelations from the data included the following:

  • The most reported side effect of the COVID-19 shots was COVID itself.
  • There has been a sudden increase in demand for two drugs starting January 2023: Keytruda, a drug used by adults with advanced cancers, and Inflectra, an anti-inflammatory medicine used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and psoriasis.
  • Myocardial infarction (heart attack) was also one of the top reported cardiac disorders following COVID-19 shots.

Editor’s Note: We have consistently warned people against COVID shots dangers. These findings are no longer a surprise for us, but there are still many people who do not believe that the COVID shots are dangerous. We hope this article can help awaken those still in denial.

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2 thoughts on “EMA Data Exposes True Extent of COVID Vaccine Harm

  1. Can I ask you if you are at all interested in the view that Covid does not exist in the ordinary sense of physics and biochemistry. There have been many FOI requests in the U.S., England, and Australia, and as you know in the Philippines, a request I believe you initiated yourself, whereby no government has been able to produce actual evidence of its physical self/ reality.

    This may be moot as when I have discussed this with others many times, they seem to think I may be mad at least they look at me as if they do. Acceptance of the non-existent fantasy seems easier or, dare I say it more rational.
    As a 75-year-old living in the center of Manila during the lockdowns in 2020, in order to break the boredom and the so-called restrictions necessary for quarantine, I pushed against them by breaking all of them on a regular basis. I rather pushed harder than usual in fact. I lived as hard as I could, even breaking my own health rules.

    I fell ill with what would normally have been called cold/ flu symptoms three times during 2020. I ameliorated all the symptoms in the usual manner consistent with natural medicine protocols, that I have for over 55 years with no prescription drugs. That took only 24 hours each time.

    Meanwhile a healthy, wealthy 40-year-old, single, Dutch neighbor with a good job, who was scared to death of Covid, got sick and died of it! According to other neighbors.
    If you accept Covid’s existence and die displaying any of the symptoms attributed to it, being normal flu symptoms, and the physicians and or nurses certifying the death attribute the death to the non-existent fantasy, does that make it a real event? Does that then become a statistic to be relied upon as data for reality?

    Despite a lot of evidence against, it seems that as time has gone by the consistent push for this “reality” of Covid is as strong, if not stronger than it was when the fantasy was born, or at the height of its purported terror.

    I am now living in a rural village in the North of Thailand which has excellent roads supported by the rubber industry. Local bank staff are required to wear masks when serving customers, while outside on the street, very few people, say 2%, of the 6 – 80 year old’s who ride motorcycles bother to wear helmets, one of whom is me.

    Wearing helmets is statistically definitely safer in an accident than not. Masks have never been shown in any study anywhere to decrease the likelihood of falling ill. Rather the opposite. Is this a rational world and what sort of rationality is that? The Chorus for Covid is alive and well and the trumpets are still being blown. Thailand for example suggesting “foreign” tourists being required to wear masks, in touristy centers, vaccinated or not.

    I have never ‘had’ Covid and I can never ‘get’ Covid because there is nothing to be “got”! Covid is either a state of mind or health and merely another name given to a set of symptoms by the medical profession. Where and when does this end?

    1. Hello Marcus,

      Thank you for sharing this! We will leave this comment here to be read by others so that they can also start asking the same questions you have asked. 🙂

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