May 27, 2024

Dr. Asseem Malhotra Testifies in Helsinki District Court: UK Government and Department of Health Covered Up Risks of COVID Shots


The following is a transcript of the 29-minute testimony given by Dr. Aseem Malhotra to the Helsinki District Court [This is for the same case brought forward by Mika Vauhkala where Dr. Hanna Nohynek testified. Read more about that testimony here: WHO Official Testifies in Court: Government Knew in 2021 That Vaccines Were Ineffective, Vaccine Passports Were Useless].

In his testimony, Malhotra discussed the misuse of data and public health policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. He detailed his turnabout, from a staunch COVID-19 vaccine supporter to someone who strongly opposed the shots.

Editor’s Note: How many of you know someone who died of cardiac arrest/heart attack in the past two years? How many of them received the COVID shots?

People will want to deny the reality, but the data is in. Just as we predicted, the COVID shots are deadly. Don’t forget: our governments forced us to take part in that experiment [Read “Vaccines” are Premeditated Murder. MSM Snubs Massive Proof, Pfizer’s Assassin Vaccine, and CCH RELEASES COPY OF SUPREME COURT PETITION FOR USE BY CONCERNED CITIZENS TO STOP MANDATORY VACCINATIONS].

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1 thought on “Dr. Asseem Malhotra Testifies in Helsinki District Court: UK Government and Department of Health Covered Up Risks of COVID Shots

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