May 27, 2024

Scott Ritter: Iranian Attack Was Only A Warning to Israel, Western Countries


In this 19-minute video interview with George Galloway, Scott Ritter analyzes what happened during the Iranian missile strikes last April 15, 2024, and what might happen next.

Ritter calls it the “greatest military display in recent history”, saying “They have let Israel…the United States and every other nation within missile range know that there will be a heavy price to be paid if you attack Iranian soil”.

According to an Iranian statement following the mass aerial attack, this was retaliation for the bombing of an Iranian diplomatic building in Damascus. The statement continues, “The matter can be deemed concluded. However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe. It is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the US must stay away”.

Editor’s Note: Here is another example of our predictions coming true. [Read IT’S COMPLICATED BUT CLEAR. Continued Genocide in Gaza will Force Hezbollah to Attack Israel, Triggering Other Nations to Go to War. Nuclear Holocaust is on the Horizon]. If the US and UK decide to launch a counteroffensive, a new Middle Eastern war, if not a World War, is a clear reality.

Here are other important notes we would like you to take away from this article.

  1. Mainstream media are peddling the Iranian missile attack as a “failure”, but war experts are in agreement: this was Iran showing its might. [Read these bias-ridden analyses from New York Times, Chatham House].
  2. Iran has acted with restraint. If it wanted to obliterate Israel, it would have been able to. [Read The shadow war between Iran and Israel has been exposed. What happens next?, A Wider War: Iran].
  3. The Iran-Israeli will not escalate if Israel stops its attacks on Iran and the West does not meddle in the issue. But of course, Israel does not care for peace.
  4. Israel has done to Iran what Hamas did to Israel, but still, it claims that it is the aggrieved party. It can do so, thanks to mainstream media’s biased reporting.

If the West is interested in keeping some semblance of peace in the Middle East, then the path it must take is clear. But if the call go to war wins because Americans do nothing about it, then we, Filipinos, must pray that it does not reach our shores.

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