April 12, 2024

CDC: Treat COVID Like The Flu


In this March 1, 2024 article for The Wall Street Journal, Sumathi Reddy reports on the new guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention normalizing COVID. According to the report, “You should now follow the same precautions with Covid as you take with the flu”.

Editor’s Note: Treat COVID as the flu, the CDC says, but they clarify that it is “not the flu”. Dr. Brendan Jackson, who leads the respiratory virus for the CDC said, “It still causes more serious illness and leads to more lasting effects”.

Like what serious illnesses, doctor?

Who is the CDC trying to fool? [See how COVID has “replaced” flu in many countries, read Not a single case of flu recorded in the UK, This year, COVID-19 has killed off the flu, RT-PCR Cannot Differentiate Covid-19 and Seasonal Influenza: What Do We Have Then?]. Other countries have already stopped treating COVID as an emergency two years ago, why is the CDC so delayed?

Btw, we have heard of hospitals giving preferential treatment to the COVID vaccinated. A friend of ours said that they were being forced by the hospital to undergo RT-PCR testing to visit their ailing grandparent. In case your nearby hospitals are still stuck in 2020, make sure to print out the following articles to protect your rights:

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