April 12, 2024

Experts: “Everyone Needs To Calm Down” Amidst Rumor of Russia’s Use of Nuclear Weapons


Mike Turner, the US House of Representatives’ intelligence committee has revealed that a “serious national security threat” is looming. While Turner did not go into further details, news outlets have begun citing Russia’s potential deployment of nuclear anti-satellite weapons in space, even when the Kremlin has already dismissed this as “malicious fabrication”.

Nicola Davis explored the possible impact of this move, and found several experts saying that it is improbable because it is “not actually very useful, and it’s very expensive”.

Dr. Bleddyn Bowen, an expert on outer space international relations and warfare says, that the idea of nuclear weapons in space is no longer new, and that creating a nuclear bomb donation in low-Earth orbit would be devastating, not only for Russia’s enemies, but to Russia itself. He says, “you generate the fireball…but what you [also] generate is the electromagnetic pulse with fries the electrical circuits of anything that’s unshielded within a few thousand kilometers’ radius”. It will knock out power grids, and telecoms, and would affect critical infrastructures which could damage Russia’s interests. He adds, “You’ve got to be in a very desperate situation to want to do something like that”.

Editor’s Note: Russia’s current situation is far from desperate. Despite the myriad economic sanctions from the West, the Russian economy stands strong (though it experienced some contraction as expected). Failing to cripple the Russian economy, the West now wants to use Russia’s nuclear power to terrorize the rest of the world into supporting a full-scale war akin to World War III.

Make no mistake, however. The war is not between Russia and the West. It is against all of humanity [see these articles from Nicanor, 2024: PLUNGE INTO DESTRUCTION OR BIRTH OF A NEW HUMANITY?, Understanding The Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity: Part 1, Understanding The Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity, Part 2: How the Different Attacks Reinforce Each Other, and Understanding the Great Reset and Its Attack on Humanity, Part 3. Human Extinction].

Remember that their goal is to keep us in fear, hence, the need to keep the COVID threat, the Russian threat, the climate threat, alive. They need us frozen in our tracks, in constant terror for the next crisis. Indeed, if we are to be able to realize the battle that is being waged against us, we must learn to “calm down” and assess the situation by looking at the data. Then we will see who are the true enemies of humanity [see CCH FIGHTING FOR HUMANITY IN AN APOCALYPTIC WORLD: A Message for CCH Friends and Subscribers, SMART RESEARCH IN AN AGE OF DISINFORMATION AND A COLLAPSING PLANET].

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