June 14, 2024



Elon Musk, considered the richest man in the world and a serial technological innovator, is experiencing serious charges from a prestigious mainstream media outlet. Wall Street Journal did a piece on Musk accusing him of using illegal drugs.[1]https://www.wsj.com/business/elon-musk-illegal-drugs-e826a9e1?mod=Searchresults_pos1&page=1

According to RT, Musk called the hit piece “yellow” journalism[2]Yellow journalism is defined as “the use of lurid features and sensationalized news in newspaper publishing to attract readers and increase circulation.” … Continue reading and denied the allegations as false. In addition, “Musk has argued that, in principle, using drugs makes sense if it increases productivity. Among adults, the message should be pretty clear. Musk defends himself in legal terms, as he would (share values, contracts, and security clearances could be at stake), while also signaling that whatever drugs he may be taking are no one’s business.”[3]https://www.rt.com/news/590444-x-drugs-politics-musk/

Notes by Nicanor Perlas. This may seem one of those usual run-of-the-mill scandal stories on famous personalities. But it is not.

As we have more than realized, the last three years of the intensified Great Reset Wars have been a relentless attack against humanity on many fronts. Central to this war is the control of information, narratives, and truth. Information War has become the central, softening hitman operation for the New World Order to enable it to unleash its other wars, including Covid vaccine genocide, climate lockdowns, genocidal wars, and other attacks.

Amidst all these, the New World Order underestimated the rapidity of the rise of alternative media into mainstream status. These new sources of more truthful information (with exceptions) awakened humanity to a much larger reality. Names like Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Scott Ritter, Jeffrey Sachs, John Mearsheimer, Alex Jones, Clayton and Natalie Morris, Joe Mercola, Mike Adams, Judge Napolitano, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and the Rebel News crew, among countless others, readily come to mind. These truth warriors have shown that the lives of millions of humans were systematically being controlled and eliminated by psychopaths wielding enormous global power.

In effect, the alternative media, which now reaches hundreds of millions, blunted the disinformation campaign of the New World Order and started to diminish the viability of the Great Reset.

Into the midst of this Information War comes Elon Musk. He purchased Twitter, now called X, and opened the horizon of truth-tellers to massive proportions. Billions now have access to (mostly) truthful information. Musk has thus become the nightmare of the New World Order.

This is the overriding context that can illuminate the massive attempts by instruments of the New World Order to take down Musk. The Wall Street Journal article is just one of a new phase in the attacks of mainstream media and powerful institutions against Elon Musk. The EU, for example, has threatened to rein in Musk and X for allegedly violating the draconian Digital Services Act (DSA) in Europe.[4]https://www.wired.com/story/the-eu-is-playing-by-elon-musks-rules/

DSA was designed to stop disinformation. This is ironic because the mainstream press in Europe has been a major source of lies and disinformation in the Covid and Ukraine wars. Europe joined the global chorus that the Covid vaccines were safe and effective[5]https://vaccination-info.europa.eu/en/covid-19/covid-19-vaccines while, at least, 13 to 17 million people have already died.[6]https://covidcalltohumanity.org/2023/12/03/bombshell-latest-studies-reveal-that-covid-vaccines-killed-13-million-people-worldwide/ and … Continue reading Europe has also been allowing the spreading of fantasies that Ukraine was winning the war against Russia.[7]https://www.politico.eu/article/volodymyr-zelenskyy-vladimir-putin-russia-war-ukraine-is-winning-and-it-is-changing/; … Continue reading

While Musk is a difficult person to decipher, as some form of censorship still prevails in X and has problematic initiatives, his stance as a “free speech absolutist” is welcome in a world inundated and submerged by disinformation.

It is also important to note that the writer in this RT article also has ambivalent attitudes towards Musk and does not agree with everything Musk has done. But Musk’s gigantic contributions to freedom of speech are so gigantic, that the RT author cannot but surmise that the current attacks on Musk is a way for the New World Order Empire to strike back.

From my perspective, this desperate move by the New World Order is too late. The gates have been opened. Team Humanity has escaped and will wreak havoc on the plans of the New World Order.


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