June 20, 2024

New Jersey Parents Are Suing State For Keeping Newborn DNA for 23 Years Without Parental Consent


Parents in New Jersey are suing their state for storing their baby’s blood left over from newborn health screening. According to this report published by Wired last November 8, 2023, all US states do newborn screening, but each one has its policies on how long blood samples are stored. In New Jersey, leftover blood is stored for 23 years which can then be used for purposes beyond medical testing.

In one example, the New Jersey Office used a baby’s blood sample to investigate its father for a crime. Meanwhile, in some states, baby’s blood samples are used for medical research.

Other states like Texas, Minnesota, and Michigan had to destroy their stored blood samples after families sued their state’s health department. Meanwhile, Wisconsin was forced to abandon a plan to retain newborn blood.

Editor’s Note: This article tells us two important things. First is that government authorities will not hesitate to keep highly personal data about its people. Second is that these invasive practices will only stop if we dare to speak up.

We must realize that during the COVID scamdemic, governments have been able to collect our DNA through the swabs. Where did the data go? Is it stored in a database we are unaware of? Will these DNA be used for creating the “universal flu vaccine”, or some other medical device they will force on us again in the future?

This article shows us the importance of questioning the actions of our governments. We must realize that in a democracy, the authority of a leader rests on the trust of their people. They must follow our collective will, not the other way around. If citizens act from an enlightened space, which prioritizes human life and dignity, then governments will be forced to do the same.

This now returns to us the responsibility of shaping the future of our societies. What kind of future are we going to bequeath our children?

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1 thought on “New Jersey Parents Are Suing State For Keeping Newborn DNA for 23 Years Without Parental Consent

  1. If the government or the Red Cross are indeed collecting saliva or swab samples for future use, possibly the same thing could happen to us in the future like what happened in China from the beginning of COVID. The Chinese government got paranoid when they realized that the SARS-CoV2 was designed to target the Chinese bloodline. The CCP implemented the strictest lockdowns when they saw that COVID was fatal to many Chinese. The Chinese government knew years before that saliva samples were collected for DNA study from thousands of Chinese citizens by an american university then it was stopped upon orders by the CCP for reasons of national security. COVID is a joint research of US-China but it was perfected by the US and released during the international military olympics in Wuhan, China. Other variants were released in northern Italy.

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