June 16, 2024

X Reinstates Alex Jones After 5-Year Ban


Alex Jones’ return to X (formerly Twitter) has sent mainstream media abuzz. The decision to reinstate Jones came after 70% of responses on Elon Musk’s December 10, 2023 poll asking X users whether Alex Jones should be reinstated on the platform. Seventy (70%) voted in favor of bringing Jones back.

Editor’s Note: Musk’s poll came shortly after Tucker Carlson’s interview with Jones garnered over 15 million views on X. Following his reinstatement, Jones interviewed Musk, and this too, garnered 5.1 million views (as of writing). This is proof that many people now want to hear as many viewpoints as they can to make sense of what is happening.

Meanwhile, mainstream media is back at their old game of overwhelming the public with lies. They are calling Alex Jones a “conspiracy theorist” to invalidate the information and insights he brings to the table. We can expect that the move to assassinate Jones’ character will continue, but we hope that people’s quest for truth will be much stronger and deeper.

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1 thought on “X Reinstates Alex Jones After 5-Year Ban

  1. No sir. Elon Musk / X reinstated Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson bec its clear that the Satanic Cabal’s intention is to hijack the “alternative media”. Elon Musk is part of the Cabal. His role is to serve as the “controlled” opposition against the “Establishment”. Don’t be fooled.

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