June 16, 2024

In this November 14, 2023 article for Noema, Jacob Baynham explores the possible consequences to society and the economy if money had an expiration date. First Baynham recalls the history of money and then he introduces us to Silvio Gesell, a German entrepreneur who wanted to make money that decays over time.

Gesell believed that the only way to correct the “exploitation of our neighbor’s need, mutual plundering” which are the foundations of our economic life, is to create a “new natural economic order” accompanied by depreciating “Free Money” and the reformation of land ownership.

Editor’s Note: We encourage you to read this article in order to understand the rationale being used for the creation of a new economy where money expires, land is centrally owned, and the economy is centrally planned.

Here you will see the logic behind the New World Order – the world is ailing and change needs to happen. The problem is that who are the people creating changes? How do they decide what changes to implement and which ones to reject? Who gave them the authority to direct the development of our civilization?

The problem with the New World Order is that there are people in the world who think that they have the right to decide on the destiny of billions of citizens in the world.

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