May 30, 2024

Hackers Defacing Website of House of Representatives Shows Philippines Not Ready For Digitalization


According to this report from Inquirer.Net, hackers defaced the House of Representatives in the Philippines with a troll face meme with the words “You’ve been hacked”, “Have a nice day” and “Happy April Fullz Kahit October palang! Fix your Website.”

Editor’s Note: While we appreciate the convenience offered to us by digitalized government transactions, it is becoming clear that our government has very little capacity to protect our private data. We must question then, the fact that the government wants to put all our information in one database (through the national ID system), which will become a gold mine for hackers [See Philhealth Data Breach: Medusa Group Threatens to Release Member Data If US $300,000 Is Not Paid and Raid on Cyberscam Network Proves SIM Registration Is A Failure].

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