May 29, 2024

Philhealth Data Breach: Medusa Group Threatens to Release Member Data If US $300,000 Is Not Paid


The Medusa ransomware group has released 31 pages of PhilHealth data on their website and is threatening the rest of the data they have if their demand of $300,000 is not paid. According to security professionals involved in recovering the Philhealth data, the government agency has no plans to pay the ransom.

The data involved in the data breach includes confidential information of Filipinos such as names, addresses, contact information, and medical records, among others. The report on this was written by Art Samaniego and was published by the Manila Bulletin last September 23, 2023.

Editor’s Note: If the Philippine government cannot protect millions of health data from a breach, should we expect that they will have the capacity to protect the digital ID data? [See Marcos Wants 92M Filipinos With Digital IDs by mid-2023, Is Ukraine’s Digital ID System a Blue Print for WEF’s Great Reset?].

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