April 19, 2024

Making Sense of the Israel-Hamas Conflict


In this October 12, 2023 article, Joe Martino discusses the Israel-Hamas conflict in the hopes of providing a better understanding of the complex issues involved. He covers the historical background, key events, and the perspectives of both sides in the conflict. He says, “We are being asked to question HOW and WHY situations end up the way they do. To avoid looking at them in one moment and deciding who is right or wrong”.

Editor’s Note: We add this article to this website to remind all freedom fighters that we are at war not against a specific country but against the enemy of humanity. Their goal is to prevent us from uniting to fight for the values and the future we want for ourselves.

Rather than taking sides, it is more important to make sense of the issue and to define the problem so that a viable and sustainable solution can be proposed. We must remember that at stake in the Israel-Hamas conflict are real people – people with families, dreams, and hopes for a better future. We must remember that they simply want us to react emotionally because there is a truth they want to hide from us. We must not allow ourselves to become the pawns in this game of public opinion.

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