May 29, 2024

The Ultimate Goal of COVID and the Climate Hysteria: Billionaires Controlling The World


In this October 7, 2023 article republished from his website, Dr. Joseph Mercola looks at the European Union’s “Energy Performance of Buildings Directive” in the context of a wealth transfer scheme.

Mercola says that the push towards zero emissions in Europe by 2050 will cause hardships for ordinary citizens. It will force homeowners to make shoulder costly energy upgrades toward electric heating systems. The goal, Mercola says, is towards a rent-everything model, where generational wealth and the middle class are eliminated.

Mercola adds that the UN General Assembly (UNGA) president has circumvented democratic processes within the UN when it approved a declaration on pandemic prevention, and assigned the World Health Organization as the “pandemic authority”. He says that this is part of the war against freedom and democracy and is part of the worldwide The Great Reset where the ultimate goal is Global Governance by non-elected institutions. Mercola emphasizes the importance of resisting such globalist agendas and encourages peaceful disobedience as a means of protest. The article further explores the globalist’s plans for a centralized world government and why they reveal their agenda, which includes psychological manipulation and symbolism.

Editor’s Note: We encourage you to read this article from Dr. Mercola because it offers a concise summary of the move towards global authoritarianism which began with the COVID scamdemic. It gives us a glimpse of the future that is being built by globalist organizations without our consent.

We will also see from this article that the enemies of humanity are using occultism to appeal to humanity’s “lower instincts, animalistic appetites, compulsive urges, and ‘inharmonious drives that conflict with an individual’s higher conscious nature’”. The globalists are utilizing all tools at their disposal to prevent us from rediscovering our higher nature. Are we really going to let them win this battle when we know for a fact that by controlling our lower urges, we can very easily win the war?

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