May 30, 2024



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  1. Hello: This is to. Nicanor. I am wondering what you think about the transgender phenomena in relationship to what Rudolf Steiner. He spoke that at one time we were of both sexes and when the physical separation came, the soul provided the other gender that the body took on. I am a teacher with children coming more and more with the issue of not identifying with their bodies. Do you think that a jump in our consciousness is happening where children coming into the world are identifying more with the soul than the body? A male body with a female soul feeling it? I understand that the powers of control have perhaps co-opted this and are using it for their own agenda, but don’t you think there may be something real in the consciousness of these children? Thank you for your time and for all you do! Vicki Mansoor

    1. Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for bringing up this question. This is a tough and complex question to answer.

      Innate factors, like what Steiner points to, are also heavily mixed up with massive social media and internet control narratives. So it is difficult to discern what the reality is at our time. Besides I have not seen a spiritual scientific treatment of the subject matter on the basis of scientific supersensible perception and cognition.

      Nonetheless, it is clear, from current secular science, that gender dysphoria is a reality for a smalll percentage of the population, in some studies less than 1% of the population.

      Beyond that it is also a reality that gender dysphoria can be culturally and socially constructed. It is this latter which has been politicized and which is now causing massive stress to society. This is due to the fact that transgender issues migrate from individuals towards others, forcing on the latter transgender values and forced surgeries and hormones. This entire practice has been weaponized through a distortion of the justice system, the school system, and so on. This coercive social agenda is the one that is currently the US and other European countries apart.

      Nicanor Perlas

  2. How I wish there’s an opening for a work-from-home accountant or bookkeeper or even on a hybrid setup. Nonetheless, my whole family would like to visit CCH HQ, if you’re open to that. May I know your exact address? I’m getting goosebumps as I imagine entering a community in which I know all the people have the same beliefs as my family does. Our blood is poison-free right now because of Mr. Nicanor Perlas (our President). I would like to assume that other Filipinos who share the same advocacy with CCH would also like to meet him face to face or to pay a visit to CCH HQ soon. God bless you more CCH.

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