April 17, 2024

How to Outsmart State-Sponsored Censorship


In this article republished by The Defender, Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses various strategies we can do to fight against government-sponsored censorship. Mercola stresses that squabbling about who is controlled opposition and who is not, does not serve the cause. He says freedom fighters will be better served if we “[spend] our time productively engaged in research, verifying and triangulating information to discern what is true and what is false”.

Mercola cautions that AIs are becoming more sophisticated and ensuring that state-sponsored propaganda is the only information available online. He says, “One of the most important strategies you can implement to prepare yourself for the likelihood of what they plan on throwing at us next lies with community, meeting like-minded people that share your views and complement your skills.” He urges people to move out of high-density urban areas towards areas where community-building is more likely to succeed.

Editor’s Note: In the same way that globalists are now mustering their resources in the hopes of subverting entire societies, we must learn to work together to create a society that works for us. After reading the article below, we hope you can go visit James Corbett’s The Solutions Watch where you can find action steps you can take to fight against tyranny.

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