June 20, 2024

Why you should not forget the atrocities of the COVID scamdemic


In this June 21, 2023 article for Brownstone Institute, Thi Thuy Van Dinh discusses how organizations like the United Nations, once synonyms of goodwill and human rights, became instrumental in the inhumane imposition of blanket lockdowns, school closures, and forced vaccination. She chronicles stories from the ground, where families were forced to extreme measures in order to safeguard their families and their lives.

Editor’s Notes: We knew that the lockdowns were draconian, we knew that they violated human rights. But knowing is not enough. We must understand that experienced these restrictions in different ways. For some, they were merely inconveniences, for others, however, they were a matter of life and death.

Only when we understand the extreme suffering these restrictions brought to people who did not have the same privileges as we did will we be able to truly realize that these restrictions must be outlawed. When we hear the stories of extreme suffering they have caused, perhaps then, we would think twice about supporting any “pandemic measure” leading to a further division among people.

We encourage you to read this article and share your stories. Lockdowns must never happen again. We must ensure that all pandemic responses of the future would prioritize our society’s well-being, particularly, those of our children.

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