April 15, 2024

Tactical Alliance Between CCH and National Peoples Initiative Dismantled


On June 13, 2023, CCH wrote about the nature of tactical alliances in general and the tactical alliance between CCH and National Peoples Initiative (NPI) in particular. See here

In that article, CCH explained that, while this tactical alliance helped win a Round One victory against SB 1869, certain cracks in the alliance started to surface.

 First, NPI included the name of CCH in their statement that CCH was unaware of. Second, the tone of the statement was not aligned with CCH’s own manner of inviting its friends and viewers into action. 

Finally, NPI mentioned that CCH founder Nicanor Perlas (NP) was a Judge of the Peoples Court of NPI. CCH pointed out that no such agreement had been formalized as there were legal questions surrounding the nature of the Peoples Court. 

In light of these developments, which one can read more fully in the article cited above, CCH wrote the following. 

“CCH will have a conversation with NPI as to how and why this happened and how to prevent the unapproved use of CCH in NPI materials in the future. Because the unauthorized use of CCH’s name happens again, ill intent is clearly involved. If that is the case, CCH will immediately break off its tactical alliance with NPI.”

The dialogue did take place and it did not end well. Instead of clarifying why they used CCH and NP’s names without the latter’s permission, NPI started accusing CCH of faults that had zero bases in reality.  We do not need to go into details here. 

Needless to say, the issue was not resolved. Trust was lost.  CCH and NPI parted ways. 

CCH thus wants to announce to its friends and viewers that CCH no longer has a tactical alliance with the National Peoples Initiative. Both groups will now pursue their own ways of stopping the passage of SB 1869 into law. 

In the near future, CCH will inform the public regarding the various ways it will pursue to help stop SB 1869. 

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  1. Who is the leader of npi? If its capt.rey valero then this is confirmation that the rumors i have heard about him is true

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