April 17, 2024

CCH-Convened Protest on SB1869 Almost Dispersed by Senate Police. Report of Day 1 of Month-Long May 2023 Protests at the Senate


Day 1 of protests against SB1869 ended with tensions rising among the protestors and the Senate Police. The police almost dispersed the rally as protestors waved posters versus SB1869 as senators and their staff were leaving the Senate building. CCH stopped the planned dispersion by convincing the police not to disperse the crowd and simultaneously encouraging and moderating protestors not to block the passage of senate cars. 

It was an awe-inspiring sight as nearly a hundred protestors lined the exit of the Senate compound expressing, in very strong words, their total rejection of SB1869. They warned the Senators not to commit treason by handing Philippine sovereignty over to sex maniacs and pedophiles at the WHO and the UN. (For proof of this claim, see the CCH Briefing Papers 1 and 2 for the Senate here and here.) 

It would have been more scary for the Senators and their staff if all the estimated 250 people who attended the protest rally stayed behind as evening envolped the area in darkness. 

If Senators continued to ignore the concerns of protestors for more almost 5 months, the May 8 protest, yesterday has now embedded, with all therawness of reality, the massive dangers of SB1869  in the consciousness of the Senators and their staff. 

The day began with a Protest Convoy going around NCR via most of the EDSA Hiway and then, via Quezon Boulevard, to Quiapo, Rizal Park, and back to the Senate. Hundreds of flyers were given to motorcycle and car drivers who were interested in knowing the details of the protests. 

The protest in the Senatte itself was remarkable. People continued to trickle in from provinces as far as Laguna, Cavite, and Bulacan. Amazing people showed up without notice. Among these were Pen Medina, a good friend of CCH and one of the most awakened among the artist community. Pen gave a wonderful sharing about the grave situation that our world is facing now, lending further credence to the dangers of being under the rule of the WHO, UN, WEF, and other members of the global network of elite power controllers. 

Old acquaintances also appeared and bridges built across historica divides. CCH appreciated the presence of Capt. Rey and his followers. Capt. Rey had a one-on-one interview with Nicanor Perlas of CCH which deepened the understanding of the protestors of what is going on beneath SB1869, 

This was not the day to work through differing strategic and tactical approaches. This was the day and the time for all who want to stop SB 1869 to come together. Collectively we all need to ensure we do not all end up in a global medical dictatorship managed by the totalitarian WHO and its puppet, the DOH. although there may still remain differences in details. 

Some amazing pastors, including one Protestant Bishop also showed up, led all of us into prayer and singing of spiritual songs. In this battle between good and evil, it is important for all of us to remember that we need to all align ourselves with our Divine Loving Creator who will surely help us in the midst of this most important battle of our generation.

While the protests were going on, a CCH member entered the Senate building and asked the legislative assistants of all Senators to receive copies of CCH’s Briefing Paper #2. The office of 23 Senators received the copy of the Briefing Paper. The staff persons of Sen. Imee Marcos were nowhere to be found.  

We are attaching here a compilation of videos taken during the Convoy and the protest at the Senate. Click this link.

More reports will be forthcoming on a daily basis. Stay tuned. The battle is not over! Kindly share these reports and videos widely. Our very lives and futures depend on it!!!

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  1. Senator Francis Joseph “Chiz” Guevara Escudero … He was honored as one of the world’s Young Global Leaders in 2008 by the World Economic Forum. (from: legacy. senate.gov.ph)

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