June 15, 2024

23 Ways You Can Resist The Great Reset


The following is a Twitter thread written by Dr. Simon Goddek, a Norwegian science journalist and scientist. Goddek was banned by Twitter in 2021 for writing about the importance of Vitamin D to treat COVID, and for speaking out against the mainstream COVID narrative.

In this thread, Goddek shares the 23 easy ways we can fight back against the institutions that seek to make humans slaves to technology. Some of the more important suggestions he gives include turning off the TV, rejecting vaccination, CO2 passports, and digital IDS, insisting on privacy, paying with cash, connecting with like-minded people, and practicing spirituality.

Editor’s Note: We encourage our readers to read the whole thread because these are all doable by any freedom fighter.

Some people might say, how can these simple suggestions stop The Great Reset which is being rolled out at warp speed by the rich and powerful? We urge you to remember: they be few, and we are many. If all freedom fighters do not comply with the agenda, then they have no choice but to abandon it.

Do you have other suggestions on how we can resist The Great Reset? Make sure to share them in the comments section below.

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