April 19, 2024

How the WHO Plans to Rule the World: A Review of the Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations


In this February 1, 2023 article for the Brownstone Institute, David Bell, a former medical officer and scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO) reviews the implications of the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

Bell says that the WHO is working on two agreements that will effectively expand its powers over countries: the amendments to the existing IHR, and a new pandemic treaty that has a similar intent as the IHR amendments. Bell says that the IHR amendments are more advanced and would only require the approval of 50% of member countries in order to come into force.

Under the IHR amendments, the WHO would have unprecedented power to order states to incarcerate their citizens, inject them, require identification of medical status, medically examine, isolate, and restrict travel. The IHR amendments would also give WHO the power to order changes within states, such as the imposition of laws that could restrict civil liberties.

Editor’s Note: We hope that senators in the Philippines who are rushing to approve SB 1869 would make time to read and understand the proposed amendments to the IHR which can be found here and here.

We also recommend that people read this entire article by Bell because it will help them understand why HB6522 and SB1869 must be stopped. They will destroy national sovereignty and will put the Philippines under the control of organizations that are not accountable to our people and which have vested private interests. To quote Bell, the amendments to the IHR will “[reset] international human rights to a former, authoritarian model”.

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