May 25, 2024

Kalayaan News Episode 22: Niluluto Ang Pinas Sa Sariling Mantika Ng WHO at NWO


Visit to watch the live stream. A recording of the episode will be available here next week. The public seminar will run on November 2, 2022, Wednesday, from 7:00-8:00 PM! (GMT+8).

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4 thoughts on “Kalayaan News Episode 22: Niluluto Ang Pinas Sa Sariling Mantika Ng WHO at NWO

    1. Indeed! It is refreshing to see countries protecting the welfare its people. We will also remember that Japan was one of the countries who admitted that the shots were experimental and should not be made mandatory.

  1. I have a friend that moved to Japan several months ago.
    Those days most of the countries were still under the WHO, WEF control in a useless paranoic state throwing fear and submission to their citizens.
    In Japan my friend walked in shopping malls without mask and went to eat in many restaurants without being asked for any thing except to pay the bill as he requested. He said that he was never harrased by no one and never felt pressure exercising his God given Free Will. Also in the airport he refused to insert the faulty “schwab” inside his nose and airport security respected his decision and offered him a choice of a “con” vid test he has only to spit in a probe. He did it.
    Japan now is aware of the mRNA experiment consequences and above all that government staff respect individual choices. Hopefully one day soon it will happen in Manila too.
    Btw in Netherlands a party is asking the gov to cut ties with the sinister WEF and in Alberta – Canada the PM said their province and health authorities are also going to cut ties (made strangely in the middle of the “plan” demic) with the obscure WEF.

    1. Hello Chau, thank you for these update! Can you send in links re: Netherlands and Canada cutting ties with WEF? Would be nice for people to read these too.

      Also, would you know if Japan is now allowing unvaccinated visitors?

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