May 28, 2024

WHO Official: Everyone Who Gets Monkeypox Vaccine Is Part Of A Clinical Trial


The following article was written by Jack Phillips and was published by NTD last July 25, 2022.

Tim Nguyen, head of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) infectious hazard preparedness agency said that the efficacy of the monkeypox vaccines is not known because they have never been used on a large scale before.

Nguyen said, “when these vaccines are being delivered, that they are delivered in the context of clinical trial studies and prospectively collecting this data to increase our understanding of the effectiveness of these vaccines”.

Editor’s Note: Like the COVID shots, the monkeypox shots are experimental. One brand that was used for smallpox has been proven to be dangerous. Read Should I Take The Monkeypox Vaccine When It Becomes Available? to get more information.

We add this article to this website as organizations have been calling on governments to fast-track the manufacture and rollout of monkeypox vaccines are being published.

Moreover, mainstream media is now spinning this “pandemic” into something that could devastate children. [1], Given our experience in fear-mongering in the past two years, we all know what can happen if we don’t fight against this deliberate spread of misinformation. As most people are still recovering from the COVID brainwashing, it is easy to fall into another fear appeal. [Also read The Real Global Pandemic is not COVID-19, it is Mass Psychosis, Mass formation psychosis responsible for society’s acceptance of illogical, unscientific, and unethical COVID restrictions].

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