April 19, 2024

President of PharmaMar Caught with Fake Green Pass in Spain


In this May 25, 2022 article for El Mundo, Luis Duran reports that José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, president of PharmaMar, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Spain is one of the thousands of people who were found to have a fake COVID passport.

According to the report, Faro was recorded to have falsely been vaccinated with the third dose of the COVID shot. It remains unclear whether Faro has indeed received the first two doses and has opted not to take the mandatory third dose.

Editor’s Note: Why would Faro, a biochemist, and molecular biologist, with a 35-year of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, risk his reputation by faking his COVID passport instead of just receiving the COVID shots? What does this tell you about the “vaccines”?

Why is this not news among English mainstream media?

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