June 25, 2024

Episode 25: Stockholm Syndrome: What is This?


We are writing these descriptors of our various episodes for two reasons. First, we want to enable our followers and free subscribers on our different platforms to have an overview of the episodes they missed, especially because Facebook removed the live stream record of our episodes. Second, since the episodes are in the Filipino language, we want our global foreign audience to understand what we broadcasted. Our foreign guests need only look at the over 100 slides, on average, that accompany our episodes. Through the slides, and with the help; of our descriptors, they can more or less have a sense of what we are covering in our episodes. We hope to finish these descriptors in a few weeks.

Overview of Episode 25

The seminar starts with an overview of what topics will be covered in the episode. We begin with the “shock” that will be explained in the seminar. Stockholm Syndrome follows from the shock. This constitutes Part 1. In Part 2, co-hosts from the PRACT, the Philippine Resistance to Covid Tyranny, will join and cover details on the resistance from other parts of the Philippines, including Iloilo. A CCH Hero will also join the transmission. The hosts will then share and discuss the purpose and logistics of the first PRACT freedom convoy.

The Shock

The shock refers to unexpected and overwhelming evidence that the mainstream narrative of the Covid vaccines being safe and effective and that the lockdowns worked, is collapsing. The science is showing the opposite. The lockdowns did not work and the Covid vaccines are harming and killing many people. As a result, massive resistance is arising in many sectors of society. Surprisingly, the UK and Sweden, among others, announced that they were lifting the restrictions. Police are joining the protestors in different parts of the world.

Stockholm Syndrome

Yet amidst all these, those that have been brainwashed into believing the mainstream are sticking to the mainstream narrative. Despite the scientific and factual evidence, they are sticking to and defending the lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations. This is the Stockholm Syndrome, where the victim falls in love with the perpetrator of a crime.

Exhibit A of this Syndrome is the high approval rating of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Here is a man whose tyrannical and excessive mandatory vaccination policies scared the hell out of the Filipino people. Among others, he threatened to have the police enter the houses of people and have the residents vaccinated. Yet he has the highest continued satisfactory rating of any Philippine President. This is Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome is because of the “mass formation psychosis” that psychologists showed was rampantly used by mainstream media, government institutions, and others. The engine of mass formation psychosis is fear. Fear shuts down the prefrontal cortex of humans. This part of the brain is the vehicle for balanced judgment and critical thinking in humans. 


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The CCH Framework

CCH reminds viewers that the sequence and relationship of the news it covers is not random. There is a framework that ties these developments together. This framework has a dual function. First, it serves to organize information and show how one development connects with other developments. Second, it promotes a diversity of action points, including research, education, litigation, mass protests, lobbying and so on. The latter function is useful for people who are asking what they can do now that they have awakened to the disaster that faces all of humanity, including Filipinos. 

The Science is Overwhelming. Vaccines Kill and Harm People.

We begin with statistics on death and adverse impacts for the UK, EU and the US. These are underestimated. There is an Unreported Factor (URF) involved. The current URF is 44. So one has to multiple official death figures by 44 to get a closer idea of the deaths involved. We then look at the death and adverse impact figures for the Philippines in this light.

We then look at the science underpinning these statistics. We show how nano lipid particles can be harmful. We explain how the science behind the suppression of natural immunity by Covid vaccines. We point to the 1000 plus scientific studies questioning the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.

Admissions: The Collapse of ALL Elements of the Mainstream Narrative

We then look at other scientific studies and the impact of both groups of studies on society’s response to the Covid challenge.

From Scientists and Regulators: Lockdowns did not work. CDC admits that cloth masks do not work. CDC further admits that the death counts for COVID-19 were not accurate. A German doctor shows that the excess deaths being experienced by many countries are connected with the rollout of the Covid vaccines. Lancet retracts fraudulent hit piece on HCQ. CDC admits natural immunity is better than vaccine-induced immunity.

MSM. These admissions also start emerging from mainstream media. A Danish newspaper, for example, apologizes for not taking an investigative look at pronouncements by governments. The fact-checkers are also being checked. MSM is admitting that children get harmed by the vaccines. The Daily Wire exposes how the government used evangelical leaders to promote vaccines.

Countries. BBC reports Europe is entering a pandemic “ceasefire”. Norway reclassifies Covid disease as no more than the flu. US Supreme Court rules out mandatory vaccinations except for frontline workers. Starbucks removes Covid restrictions as a result. Blue states also eased Covid rules, including mask mandates.

Medical Institutions. The admissions of the failure of Covid policies and mandates also hit hospitals and other medical institutions. Nurses start expressing that, with the NHS rules, they felt ‘bullied’ and ‘harassed’. Coroners also speak up about deaths being caused by vaccines. Insurance companies are complaining about the 40% excess deaths they are experiencing in 2021. These are figures they have not experienced in over 200 years. And they suspect the vaccines are doing this. Even major funders of medical businesses, including Big Pharma, say that we all need to live with Covid just like the common cold.

Resistance from the People. We highlight the ongoing protests in Canada led by the truckers, which have received the support of over a million people. Canada has declared martial law to deal with the emergency. CCN panics and expresses the fear that the resistance in Canada is going to fuel similar actions in other parts of the world, including Australia. Meanwhile, polls show that citizens in the US are frustrated with the Covid policies. They are planning to have a trucker convoy to Washington DC, just like the Canadians in Ottawa, Canada. In addition, citizens are standing behind medical and scientific leaders like Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology.

Reframing Resistance 

Resistance does not only mean street protests, even if the latter is very important. For example, it can take the form of reframing an issue. For example, the rise of Omicron can be reframed as vaccine failure. We are all in the middle of an information war. Reframing is an essential “weapon” in this information war. Reframing is cultural power, the essential force of civil society.

Hence, resistance to media is critical. The rise of Joe Rogan is a prime example. Joe Rogan reaches a minimum of 11 million people a day. CNN averages 200,000 views per day and declining. The truth about Covid is now reaching way more people than MSM fake news. And Je Rogan is now alone. There are others like him, like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson of Fox News, both of whom reach audiences in the millions.

Whistleblowers are also emerging. They have information on the confidential documents of Covid criminals. What they reveal is very damaging. Conflict of interest between regulatory agencies and Pfizer is one of them. A former WHO employee accused her former institution as the source of a ‘pandemic of lies’. Then there is a Czech doctor who exposes a ‘pandemic of stupidity’. There is also another Pfizer whistleblower who gives damning details of Pfizer’s fraudulent activities. The scientist who discovered Omicron reveals the tremendous pressure she had from authorities not to reveal that Omicron is mild.

The message found in all these is simple: DO NOT COMPLY. There is very little authentic science behind the Covid mandates. DO NOT TRUST AUTHORITY. They have been fooling billions to believe in their tyrannical Covid nonsense.

Pfizer Backlash

Amidst all these, Pfizer is experiencing massive backlash. Confidential data has been released showing the massive deaths and injuries from the Pfizer vaccine. The company is also in the middle of a lawsuit that asserts that Pfizer conducted fraudulent safety trials. The latter gives support to the truth of massive deaths reported in the former.

Philippine MSM Red-pilled but Continues with Fake News

Amidst all these, the Philippine MSM has opened up to news critical of the Covid narrative. It is covering the protests in Canada. It reports on the heart risks associated with Moderna vaccines. It sheds light on why 3.7 million Filipinos have no work. Read lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations!

Despite this, Philippine MSM continues to do naïve reporting or fake reporting. For example, it reports that most who are infected, hospitalized, and deceased are unvaccinated when, in fact, the opposite is true. Compare the experience of the rest of the world where those who are sick, hospitalized, and dead are mostly vaccinated. The Philippines cannot be an exemption, especially when the government has suppressed safe early treatments including the use of HCQ and Ivermectin.

For another example, the country’s MSM reports young kids are just as vulnerable as the elderly to being sick with COVID-19. This statement is definitely FAKE NEWS! CDC studies show that kids between ages 19 and below have a survival rate of 99.997%. The elderly have about a 94% survival rate.

But it is a sign of growing resistance that the DOH had to remove a policy which allowed the state to override parental decision on vaccine decisions. The lawsuit of the head of the Public Attorney Office is another sign. Atty. Acosta, despite threats from Duterte, still continued with her lawsuit against the government’s mandatory vaccination of kids ages 5-11. CCH supports the PAO litigation with a scientific chart showing the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) from the different age groups. This comes from a study by the CDC in 2020 and by Dr. Ioannidis in December 2021. Dr. Ioannidis is the world’s foremost expert on IFRs.

We urged viewers to continue with the resistance as evidence also emerged that the lockdowns and mandatory vaccine policies will continue despite the victories. DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. This is not about health but control. There is a global takeover of nations using the Covid issue as a Trojan Horse. This is a struggle for the soul and spirit of humanity.

Part 2: PRACT Hour

Part 2 is mostly conversational. The Iloilo Resistance revealed its inspiring story about never giving up despite seeming odds. The CCH hero reinforced this truth and showed the importance of thorough research in this process. If one is confident of the Truth, then that Truth will inspire one to continuous free and liberating action.

PRACT then announced its forthcoming Freedom Convoy and encourage people to take part. The importance of convoys was emphasized. We need to publicly express our resistance to Covid medical martial law. If not, then we will ultimately encourage the creation of a totalitarian state.

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