February 29, 2024

Freedom Convoys continue in Canada and the US


After the violent dispersal of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, many people have been asking: where are the truckers now? While the war in Ukraine dominates mainstream media, the reality is, an even bigger event is happening in the US and Canada.

A March 4, 2022 article published by National Post says that report on convoys protesting against COVID-19 measures are set to takeover 400-series highways in Southwestern Ontario as part of a cross-Canada protest happening on Saturday, March 5, 2022.[1]https://nationalpost.com/news/local-news/freedom-convoys-taking-to-hwy-401-402-for-large-scale-protest-saturday/wcm/60df8078-7a5b-4805-8ece-d9689702ceb7

Meanwhile, the People’s Convoy, which departed from California on the same day that the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa was dispersed, continues its journey towards Washington, D.C. to demand the government to “restore our freedoms, our civil liberties and to bring an end to all unconstitutional mandates with legal provisions in place to ensure that this never happens again”.[2]https://www.newsweek.com/freedom-convoys-demands-become-unclear-us-moves-away-covid-rules-1685122

So no, the fight for freedom against constitutional violations on the pretext of a health emergency is not over. But the mainstream media has just decided that they have “better” news to cover. Now that the COVID fear is over, networks are deciding that it is no longer newsworthy.
[Read CNN technical director admits network used fear in COVID coverage to drive ratings up]. Does this sound like an institution you can trust to bring to you the important news?

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