February 22, 2024

Decision Made by UK Government to Vaccinate Those Aged Below 16 is Unscientific, Unethical, Immoral


The following is a pastoral letter released by William Philip, senior minister of The Tron Church in Glasgow, Scotland. Prior to his ordination as a pastor, Philip was a doctor specializing in cardiology.efn_note]https://www.crossway.org/authors/william-ju-phillip/[/efn_note]

In this letter, Philip talks about the issues surrounding the UK government’s decision to vaccinate children aged 16 and below. This, according to Philip, is a political decision, not a medical one.

Philip says that the decision of the government to go against the recommendation of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has three ethical mistakes: “First, it treats children as a means to an end: the vaccine has nothing to offer them in terms of benefit, and we are using them supposedly to protect others – adults…second…in giving the reasoning for vaccination as preventing the disruption in school education, ‘we are assuming that the appropriate, or even inevitable, response to children getting infected is closing schools and isolating children’…third…it has been made quite clear children will be able to receive the vaccine without, or even against, their parent’s consent on their behalf”.

Philip goes on to discuss how the government is misusing the Gillick Competency which, he says, is driving a wedge between parents and their children [also read Covid teams can vaccinate pupils against parents’ wishes, schools told]. He also discusses that myocarditis, even though “mild”, is not harmless. He says, “Despite claims that many of these cases were ‘mild’ and resolved, from my own background in cardiology I can tell you categorically that the use of the term ‘mild’ is misleading, and that in virtually every single case of this there will be lasting damage to some degree in the heart… myocarditis has a high rate of progressing to heart failure, and is one of the reasons some younger people end up needing heart transplants”.

Editor’s Note: Although this pastoral letter was made for a specific church group, its message is useful for all parents, regardless of their location, religion, and belief systems. Its message is clear and exact. As a parent, you are responsible for your child’s wellbeing. The decisions you make on their behalf are assumed to consider what is best for your children. Do not let your government or your child’s school impede your right to decide for your child.

Also, we hope that parents, when faced with the decision on whether to vaccinate their children or not, will consider the long-view. Only then will parents understand why we keep insisting that these COVID “vaccines” offer no benefit to the young and healthy.

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