June 16, 2024

Philippine Daily Inquirer publishes CCH open letter on forced vaccinations


The image below is a copy of a one-page full ad published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Inquirer) today, December 1, 2021.

Inquirer is one of the largest newspapers in the Philippines. It has a reach of about 300,000 daily readers.

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10 thoughts on “Philippine Daily Inquirer publishes CCH open letter on forced vaccinations

  1. Sir, just a few minutes ago somebody uses my fb acct posting a comment about WHO messages. That is not me coz i am not in favor of vaccination and never ever be that i wud allow myself to be vaccinated. I am now troubled for somebody is having access to my acct.

    1. Hello Benjamin,

      HAve you tried changing your password? Change it now, and then log out all devices signed in to your FB account (there is a way to do this within FB). Also, search for various ways you can protect your privacy while on FB.

  2. This fake pandemic only ends with unified mass non-compliance with these nonsensical mandates that are not based on science.
    A fake vaccine containing all kinds of toxic shite, not least the ones that edit your DNA to turn the human body into a virus-factory.
    Disables your immune system which is your first line of defense when it comes to personal health.
    Masks and face shields that DO NOT filter anything!
    A fraudulent RT PCR test that does not test for a virus. They just increase the amplification or cycle threshold to such a high level that it magnifies your genetic material as the virus. . If they want to manipulate public into believing that vaccines are working, they lower the CT. If they want to ramp up the fear, they simply dial up the CT. What they have is a perfect tool to manipulate humans into consenting to these fake vaccines.
    The government is destroying us. IATF resolution 148B mandating onsite workers to be vaccinated is highly discriminatory! Businesses and the private sector is being co-opted by the government (like all governments in the world are simply corporations masquerading as governments) to enforce vaccine passports. Enforcing these mandates means creating a two-tiered society discriminating against those who refused to be vaccinated with this fake vaccine. Now I know how black people felt in the 1950s and 1960s.
    And it is downright evil to put people in a situation where they had to choose between their life-long health and their livelihood. That IS A FALSE CHOICE!
    Now they’re talking about vaccinating kids! We can’t allow that to happen!

    1. Love your name, Non GMO Human!

      In essence, everything we are doing now in CCH is really geared towards protecting our children – their future, and their freedoms. Every single freedom we surrender now is a right that our children will never get to experience. Come to think of it, Big Pharma is forcing these vaccines on our healthy children because they want to secure their long-term business!

      Unfortunately, the people in government seem to have blinders. They cannot see beyond these vaccines. They do not see the data that the majority of those who get COVID actually recover. They do not see the deaths following vaccination, and the injuries the vaccines are causing. We can stop our government from coercing EVERYONE to get the vaccine. They cannot take away our God-given right to choose what we put/not put inside our bodies.

      We know that even the vaccinated understand what freedom of choice means! We know that many of them stand with us in this position. So let us not be dissuaded. Together, we will overcome!

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