April 17, 2024

California Town Pushes Back, Officials Say They Will Not Follow State and Federal Vaccine Mandates


The following attached article features a six-minute interview between Fox News and Scott Thomson, vice mayor of Oroville, California.

In this video, Thomson explains his town decided to go against the state and federal vaccine mandate. He also discussed the possible consequences of their decisions. Thomson said, “For me, it’s one thing to ask someone to put a mask ON their body, and you can disobey, and another thing to mandate putting something IN your body. And that I believe, is time for people to stand up and not just disobey, but to publicly resist”.

When asked about the possible repercussions for the community’s decision, Thomson says that they are in danger of losing funds from the state. He says “I made a statement on the city council. For me, they can keep their money, I want freedom. Our founding fathers paid a lot for us to have freedoms and I believe it’s time for us, citizens, and cities across the United States to stand up and not be bought off by our governments or silenced because of fear of losing funds…When you give up freedom, usually it takes bloodshed to get it back”.

Editor’s Note: Thomson’s words remind us of the importance of our work, and why we need to push back now, while we still can.

In a way, we citizens of less developed countries are lucky because our technology does not yet allow our governments to fully control our lives. Unlike countries with strong states, we Filipinos, still have time to resist the gripping tyranny in our modern society.

This is the reason why, despite our individual situations, our team continues to speak out against COVID tyranny. This is also the reason why we urge everyone to stand with us. Now is the best time to act.

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