February 21, 2024

Philippine Doctors Release Home Care Guide for COVID and Other Respiratory Illnesses


The following document was created by the Lipunan ng mga Antroposopikong Manggagamot at Manghihilom ng Pilipinas (LAMMP). It is an organization of Filipino Anthroposophic physicians, health professionals, and therapists who promote a more holistic view of health and illness.

This home care guide was created in response to the pandemic and has been proven to be successful by the doctors and therapists in this organization. LAMMP recommends the use of treatments in this guide if an individual is experiencing the symptoms they have outlined, even if they have not received an official COVID diagnosis. This guide is also useful for all other respiratory illnesses.

The guide has several sections:

  1. Prevention of illness
  2. Weekly home care guide for those experiencing sypmptomatic illness
  3. What to watch out for
  4. When to seek emergency medical care

The home care guide also offers health-building recommendations for individuals with special circumstances (for example, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, infants, etc).

Editor’s Note: We are thankful that a group of health professionals has come out to offer guidance to individuals who experience mild to moderate COVID-symptoms (these are typically the same individuals who are sent home and are told to wait until their symptoms get severe before seeking emergency medical assistance).

We hope that this guide can mitigate some of the fear and confusion that comes from not knowing what to do in the event of illness. The beauty of this guide is that it reminds us of traditional remedies that we may have forgotten due to the barrage of “high technology” from Big Pharma. The treatment this guide offers are easily accessible and has been tried and tested to be safe and effective.

To our readers, please help get this guide in the hands of as many people as possible. The more people who read this, the more we can help alleviate the fear of COVID. [This is the same guide mentioned by Atty. Tanya Lat in Public Seminar 11: Preparations for the End].

For those who wish to contact LAMMP, please find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LAMMP-102535738678159/

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2 thoughts on “Philippine Doctors Release Home Care Guide for COVID and Other Respiratory Illnesses

  1. I am sharing our experience on how we responded and successfully reversed the disease we suspected to be CoVid-19 last 2020 March.

    1st week 2020 March, Jocelyn had a higher than usual temperature, experienced difficulty of breathing, tiredness, loss of sense of taste. The next person to acquire flu-like symptom- higher than usual temperature, was our youngest- 2 year old, Ander. I was the next to have a higher than usual temperature, had sore throat and chills. The last to have symptoms- higher than usual temperature was our eldest- 10 year old daughter Andrea. Symptoms of the four of us lasted an average of 12 days. We did not submit to a laboratory test for CoViD-19. That is why I cannot say that we were tested positive for CoViD-19. Our only basis are our observed symptoms. Our symptoms eventually left after an average of 12 days. One year after as of this time, we have remained symptom-free.

    We applied this regimen for 2 months as first a treatment. Then later as prophylaxis. We spent a total of 34,000 ₱ for the 4 of us. This is far cheaper than going to a hospital with all the prescribed medications of a minimum cost of 100,000 ₱ per day.

    Here is our experience:

    1) VIRGIN COCONUT OIL [1][2][3]:
    a) Earlier when we thought our case would progress to a more severe case we took: 1 tablspn (15ml) x 9 per day.
    b) After one week when we observed the trend of our symptoms to be stable and that it may not become more severe we took:
    1 tablespoon Virgin Coconut Oil (15ml) x 4 to 6 per day. Mostly taken directly from the tablspn. Sometimes we mixed it in viand like stringbeans, papaya, meat or fish, etc., to adapt to our taste.

    2) VITAMIN C:
    a) Earlier as we tried to stop the progress to a more severe case:
    We took AT LEAST 2 tablts x 3 per day (total: 3000mg) for 2 wks;
    b) After 2 weeks, as the trend of the symptoms to be steady or improving was observed, we reduced to 1 tablt (500mg) x 3 per day (total: 1500 mg);

    3) ZINC SULFATE: 30 mg x 1 per day for only 2 weeks and not beyond because zinc in excess of 50 mg for 10 weeks without copper would cause an a deficiency of copper and therefore not good. Adequate zinc intake is essential in maintaining the integrity of the immune system, specifically for normal development and function of cells that mediate both innate (neutrophils, macrophages, and natural killer cells) and adaptive (B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes) immune responses.[4]

    4) VITAMIN D: In the Philippines, Vitamin D is free and abundant. We exposed ourselves to the sun at least 1 hour per day. During rainy days supplementation is the option.[5]

    5) We reduced to the minimum intake of sugar which is in white rice, white bread and soft drinks and other artificial drinks. Sugar impairs immune system.[6]

    6) We engaged in light resistance, light weight lifting, push-up, etc., 3 time per week.

    7) We slept at least 8 hours per day

    8) We drank turmeric juice or tea with paminta everyday.

    9) We took quality produced MULTIViTAMINS to potentiate the effects of all nutrients as synergistic.[7] We used the NOW brand as it seems to be produced with quality. But there are other brands that are good that we have not studied.

    10) We also took COQ10 to help with energy of the cells.


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