February 28, 2024

Nicanor Perlas signing dozens of Cease and Desist documents to be distributed to various government offices.

Dear all,

Many of you have been contacting and asking us when it will happen. Now it is happening. Today it is happening. 

It has been a long journey, more than 17 months, towards the truth. Now that we have overwhelming scientific evidence, we are using this truth to set us all free. We have filed this Cease and Desist cum Notice of Liability (C&D) document with the Office of the President of the Philippines and other top officials of the country. (See C&D addressee list.)

With the official barcode of the office of the president, signifying receipt of the notice, everything is now official. God willing, the entire scamdemic will be over. We will do whatever it takes to end this fraudulent nightmare being imposed on millions of Filipinos.

We also want to inform freedom fighters all over the world of this good news. We have now activated the Philippine theater of this global war to enslave and kill humanity. There are hundreds of thousands of freedom fighters behind us. This document and its fate are all they are waiting to take back control of this country from the bloody and treasonous hands of people who pretend to be our leaders. We know that this is not about health. This is about control!

We also want to express our solidarity and compassion with all those around the world who have sacrificed and are sacrificing, with literal blood, sweat, and tears, to dismantle totalitarianism in their respective countries. Your struggles are our struggles. Each one’s efforts count. Each deed of courage reinforces deeds of resistance around the world. This is the true globalization of humanity: the collective defense of our spiritual essence against the darkest manipulators our planet has ever seen. 

If we have to go down in this struggle, if we die, because we have striven to unleash the highest morality and the best in humanity, so be it. We would rather die fighting for freedom than survive and live inconsequential lives cowering in fear. This is not our spiritual destiny. 

We can either succumb to the death shots and control structure that they have built with massive lies and fraud. Or we can use this gravest of threats to awaken us to the next higher level of evolution as a human species. A lot depends on how we respond to the unbelievable tyranny they are imposing on us, on a daily basis. 

Please stay tuned. We love humanity, truth, freedom, dignity, and true health. And we will strive forever until these ideals become a reality.  It will be so!

In deep solidarity with all freedom fighters in my country and all over the world,

Nicanor Perlas
Covid Call To Humanity 


  1. Sir Nick, thank you for doing this on our behalf. We appreciate all you and your team’s efforts in putting this document together. it’s a very solid piece that hopefully will merit true justice that it deserves. It will also serve as a test of our judicial system and a reminder to our politicians that not all Filipinos are sheep, that some of us are not going to allow their tyranical rule to overcome us. We need to use realistic solutions that befit our country, not a one-size-fits-all bandaid, let alone, politicized remedies. again, we are grateful for likeminded individuals such as you who are putting into action all the knowledge that you have to rectify this highly avoidable situation. More power to you and everyone who believes in true freedom!

  2. My heart goes to you, Sir Nick! We appreciate you and your team’s work for doing this in and on our behalf. May it merit true justice that it deserves. I am with you on this fight and with God’s grace, this will be fruitful. May justice prevail and may the eyes of the Filipino people be opened against this oppressing times. May God continue to strengthen you and to all who believe and fight for true freedom!

  3. The crux of the matter: Demand scientific proof from these vaxx tyrants that unvaccinated people are the sole source of Covid variants.
    If they can’t produce it, then tell them to stop mandates immediately, or else they will pay for their crimes.

  4. Sir Nick, I have been waiting for some time now for some locals and groups based here to finally come out and make a stand against this global tyranny masquerading as concern for our “health.” I have a friend who died recently, fully vaxxed, with the coronavirus as an attendant cause — he was released from the hospital a few weeks ago after recovering from covid19 infection. When some in our group asked him if he was fully vaxxed, he rather smugly said “I’m no Nicky Perlas. Of course my shots are complete.” It is unfortunate that he is no longer here, and his tragic end had to come about poking fun at those of us who take this matter of unwanted intrusion into our health seriously.

    I wish to register my position, as a citizen of this hapless land, against this use of scare tactics, and the ordinary folks’ all too easy subservience, to these tactics. You may count on me 100% to support this action — as we stand with our brother-and-sister humans across the world against medical dictatorship!

  5. Sir Nick, Thank you for all your efforts in taking the lead. Praying for you and this group and praying for pres. Duterte and his cabinet to be enlightened by God at God’s pace.

  6. Sir Nick, I have followed your advocacy to save humanity with other KDP heroes. I have prayed that someone like you be an instrument. I kept my faith that God will make things impossible into possible. It is a battle between good and evil. God will bless you in return for all your sacrifices for the Filipino people. I can’t afford enough words to best express my appreciation but God see it in our hearts that it is you and your brothers in advocacy that are kept inside our hearts.
    Thank you for making a change and living a life that is meaningful…

  7. Thank you sir for leading this fight. Know that there are a lot of Filipinos backing you up with prayer on this endeavor. May the truth prevail and let God reign.

  8. i am also one of those few who really doesn’t believe in the corona vaccine…for me..it should be our natural immune system that we need to work out not the synthetic one. i am not fan of any drugs or medicines that are synthetic..i am more of the traditional medicine and herbal medicines as well.
    i am glad that there are people who also believe the way that i do…and i just felt sad because people are being forced to take the shots even if they do not like it.
    for me it should not be mandatory, if a person doesn’t like to take the shots, then so be it but just don’t make it a reason not give back their jobs.
    sir Nick..i hope you will continue your work it really gives us enough knowledge and of course, it gives us strength to fight for what we strongly believe.
    keep up the good work sir , we are on your side.. you’ve got my100% trust and support sir Nick.

  9. It is indeed great to see my mentor Nicanor Perlas at the forefront of this issue regarding COVID-19 and whatever the truth is it should be known. There are always two sides of the coin and knowing everything is always better. If this turns out to be fake as claimed then all of those who are culpable should pay for it. Keep hp the good fight.

  10. Thank you Thank you Thank you,
    for having the courage and clarity to stand against the evil tyrants…we must pray for their souls though because they are building up a huge amount of negative karma which they will have to experience personally, the pain and suffering of every single person they have harmed , theres no way out , once you’ve sold your soul!
    God bless you and all the wonderful fighters for the truth and light (being led by Archangel Michael!)

  11. Hi Sir Nick,

    Thank you very much for you and your team’s effort. I am working in government (Regional Office) under MOA status. There is a possibility that my contract will not be renewed if I will not be vaccinated before January 2022. At present, the Municipality where I am assigned is not allowing unvaccinated individual to enter the Municipal Office for any transactions. All the staff working in that Municipality is given time until December 2021 to be vaccinated.

    I am praying that your efforts will be blessed by GOD. It will save billions of life.

    Thank you very much.



  12. Good evening Sir Nick, I’ve just learned ( from a friend) that we have a person like you here in our country who is courageous to lead and to fight for our rights. I thought before, mabuti pa sa ibang bansa marami nagsasalita , dito , parang quiet lang ang mga Filipino at ayaw magsalita … Ako naman ay isang pangkaraniwang mamayang lang at di nila pakikinggan. Thank you po sa Inyo, I pray that the Lord will intervene for our advocacy. God bless you po. ♥️🙏

  13. Mabuhay ka Sir Nick! You’re such a wonderful blessing to Filipinos at this time of our history. Thank you very much for all your efforts in researching and carefully presenting all the details to support your Cease and Desist letter to PRRD. We need you. We support you. May you always be healthy and strong. Mabuhay kayong lahat sa covidcalltohumanity.org.

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