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Broad national coalition of groups questioning lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations request dialog with Philippine military and police


DATE: 20 September 2021

TO: Lieutenant General Jose Faustino, Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines and Police General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazer, Head, Philippine National Police

FROM: Nicanor Perlas, Chief Researcher, and Head, Covid Call to Humanity Network (CCH) and Capt. Rey Valeros, Jr., President, Action Philippines Organization (APO)


Dear Sirs,

I am writing on behalf of a large national network of concerned citizens, their supporters, and digital sympathizers numbering in the hundreds of thousands. We are part of the various organizations (see list below) seeking to inform the government regarding the dangers of the vaccines that are mostly being given without the proper information and consent (as required) of many Filipinos.

We would like to have a dialogue with you on September 23, 2021, at 10:00 AM at Camp Aguinaldo.

We are also writing because we are deeply concerned about the safety of our military and police forces. Science is showing that millions have already died from the vaccines and hundreds of millions more are severely injured. We do not want our military and police forces to die or be severely and/or permanently harmed on a personal level, which we understand from reliable sources is already happening. We are also concerned that, on a collective and national security level, our military and police forces will not be able to properly do their job of defending this country.

According to recent scientific hearings of the US FDA last 17 September 2021, the vaccines are killing more people than they are saving. In the Philippines, DOH data, properly analyzed, is already revealing that we have more cases and deaths happening shortly after mass vaccination starting March 01, 2021. The same pattern is true in many countries around the world: mass vaccination is followed by increased cases and deaths FROM THE VACCINATED.

We will explain in great scientific detail why these vaccines were never safe and effective as claimed in the DOH. The pharmaceutical companies never gave full disclosure from the very beginning. But the truth about the vaccines is now slowly but surely seeing the light of day.

We have an abundance of scientific evidence that we want to share with you to enable you to make rational decisions based on facts and science. Among these are the revelations we received from the DOH on the basis of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request that I made before the DOH. I am now in possession of DOH information that is very alarming but never made public. In addition, the science and FOI-releases in the US are showing that the spike proteins in the vaccines are toxic and are, by UN definition, bioweapons.

We do not hear about these developments because our mainstream and social media heavily censor these scientific truths.  I personally have tried to release urgent scientific information with our media to no avail. Whether intentional or not, the very selective release and massive censorship are creating an epidemic of fear among the people, continuous fear that is now starting to express itself in widespread resentment among the people. I am sure that your intelligence reveals the truth of this statement. We know this because more than 95% of tens of thousands of Filipinos on the internet bash the DOH every time it clamps down on information showing that the vaccines are dangerous and ineffective.

Similarly, millions of citizens in many countries are doing mass street protests denouncing the evil this virus and experimental vaccines are bringing to humanity and the world. Parents are alarmed that all our children and grandchildren will be part of this great experiment on humans under widespread medical martial law around the globe. If DOH is saying we are spreading fake news, how do they explain those tens of millions of citizens in many countries telling the same truth based on overwhelming documented evidence, like our huge group here in our dear country, protesting against this rigged pandemic?

We emphasize that we are not anti-vaxxers. We are pro-God, pro-Truth, pro-Science, and pro-Informed Consent. We are also pro-Philippines. We love our country as much as you do and are willing to die to save it from impending chaos and destruction.  We do not want to see it destroyed due to drastic measures that are out of proportion to the covid challenge we are facing. We respect the law and try to do our best to encourage authorities to stay within the law. On the latter point, kindly note that the current covid mandates are violating over 30 provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

Here is the list of the organizations which are supporting us to have this dialogue with you both and whomever you want to be present with you.

1. Covid Call to Humanity and Gising Maharlika Community (Co-Conveners)

3. Action Philippines Organization (APO)

4. Independent Doctors/Scientists

5. Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDC-Ph) [Being confirmed]

6. Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino

7. Alliance for Covid Resilient Philippines

8. Movement for Immune Renewal Truth and Health (MIRTH)

9. Fellowship of Evangelical Churches

10. No To Mandatory Vaccine Philippines

11. Covid19 Cures Warriors

12. Anti-Graft and Corruption Movement

13. Deuterium Nation

14. Muslim & Christian Imams & Pastors

15. Amigos-MARINO (Sea-based OFW Group)

16. United Business Owners

17. The Eagle’s Eye Journal

18. OFW United Movement for Good Governance

19. Grandeur Message for People (group of pastors and private citizens)

20. Thousand of concerned citizens (Vaccinated and Unvaccinated)

Sincerely Yours,

Nicanor Perlas, Also in Behalf of Capt. Rey Valeros, Jr.

13 thoughts on “Broad national coalition of groups questioning lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations request dialog with Philippine military and police

  1. Its definitely a battle between evil and good. The fallen angels promised thru his many tentacles to destroy humanity, and as times goes by, the evil, the enemies has created thru biochemical way for mass destruction. Be God Gods child, thats the only way to be protected!

    1. I am with you sir , and I do believe that all of whats happening around the world are those created by the evil doers. I am an anti vaccine and I’m one of your supporter in this campaign.

  2. Aluminum (Al) is used as an adjuvant in Sinovac vaccines.

    “Since we now know that Al is highly toxic, we should be alerting manufacturer laboratories and encouraging them to discontinue their use of a metal that undoubtedly endangers human health.”[1]

    1. sub246a_Parker.pdf (Guillarda O, Fauconneaub B, Alain Pineauc, Marraulda A, Jean-Pierre Bellocq d JP,
    Chenard MP. Aluminium overload after 5 years in skin biopsy following post-vaccination with
    subcutaneous pseudolymphoma. 14 February 2012. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology

  3. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals. – C.S. Lewis

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