May 28, 2023

AFLDS calls on health regulators to conduct follow-up studies before giving full license to COVID vaccines


The following is a position paper released by America’s Front Line Doctors (AFLDS) released last April 26, 2021. In it, the organization says that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) might give full approval (a biologics license) to COVID vaccines as early as May 2021. In light of this, the AFLDS issued this paper to further educate citizens on the concerns surrounding the experimental vaccines. They also summarized five of the top reasons why the FDA must first conduct follow-up studies before it replaces the emergency use authorization (EUA) it issued to vaccine manufacturers with a full biologics license.

Here are the five concerns highlighted by the AFLDS position paper:

  1. The COVID-19 vaccines are still experimental. The vaccines, as well as the technology they employ, are both experimental. No one knows how it can impact long-term health for the body and the brain, especially among the young. It will take years to be sure that it is safe.
  2. Experts are raising two major neurological concerns relating to the vaccines. mRNA vaccines are capable of passing through the blood-brain barriers, which in turn, could put patients at risk of chronic inflammation, thrombosis, stroke, Bell’s Paly, and ALS-type symptoms, among others. Moreover, the lipid nano-particles can fuse with brain cells, which can result in delayed neuro-degenerative disease.
  3. There is evidence that the vaccinated are shedding spike proteins to their close contacts. They are capable of creating the same disease as the full virus and can bind more tightly than the fully intact virus. It appears to be causing a variety of autoimmune diseases such as pericarditis, shingles, blood clots in the extremities and the brain, vaginal bleeding, and miscarriages.
  4. Children whose parents and teachers have been vaccinated may become COVID symptomatic as an effect of the viral shedding. Public health bureaucrats may blame cases of breakthrough transmission to speculate that the child’s illness is due to a “variant” when in reality it is a reaction to the vaccine. Children are also at higher risk of developing long-term chronic autoimmune disease.
  5. AFLDS is also concerned about the thousands of reports involving vaginal bleeding, post-menopausal vaginal bleeding and miscarriages following COVID vaccination both among the vaccinated and some of their close contacts. These concerns should be further studied as these have not been listed as a common side effect.

The AFLDS ends the article with an important call to action. It says, “AFLDS calls on state and federal health regulators to release more adverse-event-related data and conduct additional follow-up studies before the FDA fully licenses any of the vaccines currently administered under emergency use authorization. The growing body of evidence is too compelling to ignore.”

Editor’s Note: It has been almost five months since the first COVID vaccines were administered, and the number of adverse reactions being reported continues to increase. Has any of the health regulators around the world taken a serious look at these adverse effects?

We find it worrying that even non-vaccinated individuals could experience the side effects of the vaccines. We think that as long as the possibility of transmission to others has not been ruled out, vaccine rollouts should be stopped. We also think that there is enough body of evidence to show that COVID is not the serious disease that the mainstream media wants us to think. The government must stop pushing for vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination as there is no real emergency to rationalize this move.

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