April 20, 2024

Rand Paul: Those immune to coronavirus should throw mask away


This article published by The Washington Examiner reports on an interview given by Sen. Rand Paul to Fox News. In the interview, Sen. Paul says, “what I tell people is use common sense, if you’ve had the disease, or you’ve been vaccinated…throw your mask away and tell Dr. Fauci to take a leap…they will never let up”.

Editor’s Note: Why should lockdowns and other coronavirus restrictions continue after people have been given experimental vaccines? For one, there is no scientific evidence showing that lockdowns and masks work. In fact, there are a numerous evidences showing that they DO NOT work [see Science clear: Lift lockdowns]..

Also, why did governments wait for months to get the vaccine only to tell people that nothing can change in the coronavirus restrictions even with the vaccines? Are we going to buy this joke?

We can think of many reasons why governments continue with the lies, but let us give you one: authorities have become so drunk with power that they no longer wish to let go of their control mechanism. No logic or scientific evidence will change this, unless we, the people, reclaim our governments, and our freedoms.

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