June 25, 2024

Sebastian Rushworth: Sweden’s Herd Immunity approach worked


In this article published on his website last January 25, 2021, Dr. Sebastian Rushworth shows to us the results of antibody testing in Sweden showing that the number of population with antibodies to COVID-19 has been increasing consistently over the past few weeks starting October 2020.

Using data from Folkhalsomyndigheten, Dr. Rushworth says that by second week of January 2021, 40% of those tested in Sweden had antibodies against COVID. To better understand Dr. Rushworth’s points, reading the comments section on his post will also be worthwhile.

Editor’s Note: If you have been following this website, then this new development from Sweden will no longer come as a surprise. Allowing the virus to circulate among the young and healthy, those who have no real risk of death due to COVID, has led to the continuous drop in deaths and COVID cases in the country [This is expected as many experts have been saying the same thing for months now, see The Great Barrington Declaration: Life must return to normal for the healthy, the vulnerable must be protected].

Dr. Rushworth says that the graph he included in the article is something that the fearmongers will not want normal citizens to see. We agree to this. After all, if people discover that herd immunity can be achieved safely without lockdowns, school closures, and experimental vaccines, then it will become clear that our governments have failed us, and Big Tech and Big Pharma companies have been manipulating us.

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