July 24, 2024

German doctor files lawsuit against Fact Checkers

German doctor files lawsuit against Fact Checkers

The following 11-minute video is an interview between Ben Swann of Truth in Media and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who represents Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg in a law suit against social media Fact Checkers. Dr. Fuellmich says that Fact Checkers are being hired by Big Tech companies to manipulate truth.

Dr. Wodarg became popular for exposing the Swine Flu fraud in 2008. Just recently, Dr. Wodarg has been censored by social media after stating that RT-PCR tests are unreliable and cannot be used to inform about infections. By filing a law suit, Dr. Fuellmich says that the burden of proof to show that PCR tests are accurate falls into the hands of Fact Checkers.

Editor’s Note: We are grateful that health experts are now taking a proactive stance on protecting the truth about COVID-19. While we know that expert voices are most valuable in pushing for the end of coronavirus restrictions, we, normal citizens must realize that our voices count too. We need to be able to actively, vocally, and later on, physically support this truth. Our freedom and our children’s futures rely on our capacity to push back against the oppression that’s creeping into our societies.

Will we allow our truth to be dictated by Fact Checkers whose backgrounds remain anonymous? Will we allow medical experts voicing out alternative solutions to be silenced by unknown Fact Checkers with elusive editorial policies?

Many citizens around the world have started to mobilize, see 10,000+ gather in London to protest COVID-19 restrictions and August 29 Berlin protest on COVID-19 lockdowns brings huge numbers of people to the streets. Also read Robert Kennedy gives inspiring message to citizens protesting against coronavirus restrictions.

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