June 16, 2024

Second lockdown in Uk spells unprecedented non-COVID health crisis


In this article for The Telegraph, Dr. Charles Levinson offers his insights on the costs of a second lockdown in the UK, this time, from the perspective of health. Levinson says “I make no exaggeration when I say this is the worst health crisis I have ever experienced – missed cancer diagnoses, suicides, misdiagnosed acute heart failure, untreated strokes”.

Levinson stresses that he is in no way underplaying the severity of COVID-19, but that he says that is is important not to diminish the other health impacts of the first lockdown. He adds, “COVID-19 is not the only disease which is killing people”.

Editor’s Note: When did our governments become so obsessed with health? Why have they paid so much importance to COVID-19 when for many years, they have largely ignored the infectious nature of tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other debilitating diseases? Why are they so concerned about the health outcome of COVID-19 when it has a very low death rate among the general population [see CDC updates planning scenarios, shows IFR lower than flu and WHO says 10% of the world infected with SARS-CoV-2, puts IFR at 0.14%].

Second lockdown spells an unprecedented non-Covid health crisis

Second lockdown spells an unprecedented non-Covid health crisis

State scientists tragically overlook the collateral deaths that will result from a tunnel-vision strategy


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