May 30, 2024

Recovery UK campaigns against COVID hysteria


A group called Recovery UK has launched a campaign to put an end to the UK government’s panic-driven policies and to call for a rational, balanced response. The group writes down five demands which they think are crucial to leading UK out of the COVID-19 crisis and into a better future. 

Here are their five demands: 

(1) Behave with humanity. 

(2) Give equal regard to all lives.

(3) Hold a comprehensive public inquiry and a balanced public debate.

(4) Safeguard all that makes life worth living.

(5) Get the economy moving for the sake of our children.

Some of the supporters of UK Recovery include former supreme court justice Jonathan Sumption, cancer specialist and professor Karol Sikora, TV psychologist Emma Kenny, entrepreneur Luke Johnson and Live aid promoter Harvey Goldsmith.

Visit Recovery’s website to learn more about their five demands:

Editor’s Note: Recovery’s call puts into perspective the governments coronavirus efforts. It also returns into the equation the value of meaning and purpose in human life. 

Any coronavirus response crafted by the government must remember that people are not things. People have unique needs which go beyond eating and breathing. More and more people are awakening to the importance of protecting public life versus mere survival. It is time for the government to consider these unique needs when they craft policies related to the control of SARS-CoV-2. 

We also think that the government’s refusal to listen to the experts with varying opinions are causing them to create irrational policies which are endangering the very fabric of our societies. Read The Great Barrington Declaration: Life must return to normal for the healthy, the vulnerable must be protected.

Covid hysteria 'is doing more harm than the virus itself', campaigners claim

Covid hysteria ‘is doing more harm than the virus itself’, campaigners claim

Critics of UK government policy have formed a new campaign group arguing restrictions on liberty are inhumane.

Covid hysteria ‘is doing more harm than the virus itself’, campaigners claim

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