May 29, 2024

CNN Report: Immunity to SARS-CoV-2 last for months


A new study published by the Science journal and reported by the CNN shows that immunity to COVID-19 lasts for at least five months, possibly longer.

The study was conducted among 30,000 people who tested positive for COVID-19 at the Mount Sinai’s Health System from March to October. According to the study, 90% of those who were mild or moderately ill produced an antibody response that was strong enough to neutralize the virus. Florian Krammer, who led the research team, said that the antibody response among these patients were maintained for many months.

The team adds that these antibody responses protect from reinfection and that cases of reported reinfection are anecdotal, and few and far between.

Editor’s Note: This article reiterates a previous point we emphasize in this website: COVID-19 is not as deadly as people believe it to be. At most, people who get the virus would experience mild to moderate symptoms due to the virus. Many others will experience no symptoms at all. The article below shows us that of those who do develop symptoms, most would not need additional treatment as their bodies will be able to protect them.

The article also shows us collective immunity will in fact happen naturally, and that instead of sweeping lockdowns, governments should focus on protecting the vulnerable [a common proposal shared by Nicanor’s Briefing Paper and the Great Barrington Declaration, see The Great Barrington Declaration: Life must return to normal for the healthy, the vulnerable must be protected]

If this is the case, why then are we waiting for a vaccine that can only relieve the mild and moderate symptoms? Why are governments spending billions of dollars on a vaccine that will not prevent death and hospitalization among the most vulnerable populations? [See COVID-19 vaccine trials will not tell us if it can prevent moderate or severe cases to understand this last point].

Immunity to coronavirus lingers for months, study finds

Immunity to coronavirus lingers for months, study finds

Immunity to Covid-19 infection lingers for at least five months, researchers reported — and probably longer than that.

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