May 30, 2024

New Study: Lockdowns ten times more deadly than SARS-CoV-2


A groundbreaking new study by Revolver News concludes that COVID lockdowns are ten times more deadly than the actual virus, in terms of the years of life lost by American citizens. The study utilizes economic studies on the health impacts of unemployment in calculating how many years of will have been lost due to lockdowns vis-a-vis how many years of life have been saved by it.

Authors of the research have chosen to hide their names for the time being as the issue of lockdowns are highly politicized.

Editor’s Note: This is the first time that a study has tried to quantify the impact of lockdowns. Were the lockdowns worth it? If we base on the results of this study, we know that it isn’t. For a mere few months of misplaced feeling of safety, we have compromised our future.

We have several resources published on this website that shows lockdowns did not make a difference, see Study: lockdowns, border closures, and testing had no impact on COVID-19 mortality, It is time to reopen: Analyses of actual data shows benefits of lockdowns were overestimated, Sweeping lockdowns failed to protect vulnerable populations, Norwegian health chief: The lockdown was not necessary to control COVID-19, JP Morgan Research: Lockdowns failed to alter the course of the pandemic, Results of the European lockdown experiment are in.

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