May 30, 2024

Health professionals around the world call for the end of lockdowns and other COVID restrictions


The following 25-page document sent to us by a friend in Europe. The document accompanies the international petition initiated by the United Health Professionals, which at present has more than 1,000 signatories [sign the petition at].

Utilizing evidences from different fronts, this document refutes the various reasons used to support the implementation of lockdowns, social distancing, mandatory masking, and school closures. The document strongly denounces the need for such measures and stresses that all these coronavirus restrictions have “nothing to do with
medicine or hygiene or the preservation of public health, it is dictatorship and madness.”

The author/s of the document also enjoins citizens to wake up from the manipulation. They say, “We say to the citizens: to keep you in the ‘flock’, it is possible that some will try to discredit us by all means, for example by accusing us of conspiracy, etc. Do not listen to them, they are LIARS because the information you have been given are medical, scientific and documented.”

Editor’s Note: It takes courage to speak up against a system that is slowly eroding our freedom and our humanity. The challenge before us is huge, but it is not yet hopeless. There is so much more we can do.

We are in no way connected to the group that created the document we are attaching below. But we stand in solidarity with the truths they have revealed, because these are the same truths we came to, after our months of research. This coronavirus is not as deadly as they led us believe. It is treatable, and preventable. Our children, and the majority of our populations do not need to worry about its impacts. The elderly and the sick, must be protected, but it can be done in a humane way without locking them down in isolation. It is time for all lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions being implemented today are illogical and devoid of science. Continuing to push for further restrictions when the evidence shows that they do not work is proof of ignorance and cruelty.

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