June 16, 2024

Sweden’s economy in much better shape than the rest of Europe


In this report for Newsweek published last August 6, 2020, author Soo Kim says that Sweden’s economy is outperforming the rest of Europe. Like it’s neighbors, the country experienced a decline in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but Sweden is not yet in recession.

Editor’s Note: Remember the article published by the New York Times in July entitled Sweden Has Become The World’s Cautionary Tale? Remember Jacob F. Kirkegaard’s words? He said, “They literally gained nothing…It’s a self-inflicted wound, and they have no economic gains”. Well, just one look at Sweden’s current statistics and one will see just how successful Sweden has been. And with this new article from Newsweek, we now know that Sweden has been right all along.

Will all the “bashers” of the Sweden approach admit they were wrong? Should we expect them to apologize to the world for manipulating us into self-destruction? [Well, atleast some media outfits are starting to turn and rectify their mistakes, read How media has us thinking all wrong about the coronavirus, New York Times: More experts questioning RT-PCR testing, New York Times: The coronavirus is mutating, and that’s fine].

Sweden’s infection and death rates have fallen, and its people are mostly back to normal, while several countries in Europe continue to grapple with increasing cases [see Countries once praised for their handling of pandemic now suffering from “new” outbreaks, also read Why COVID-19 is guaranteed to never end]. Sweden’s economy has declined the least in Europe. Isn’t this enough proof that lockdowns were a mistake? [Also read Mark Woolhouse: UK lockdown a monumental mistake]. 

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