December 3, 2023

Study: lockdowns, border closures, and testing had no impact on COVID-19 mortality


A study published by The Lancet last July 21, 2020, which utilized country level data of the top 50 countries with the highest COVID cases, showed that rapid border closures, full lockdowns, and widespread testing were did not reduce COVID-19 mortality. Moreover, it found that increased mortality per million was significantly associated with high obesity prevalence and per capita GDP.  

Editor’s Note: This Lancet article is a confirmation of our position – that lockdowns did little (if at all) to curb COVID deaths. It also supports our call to focus on overall health as a much more effective strategy at minimizing the risk of the disease. Obesity is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, and as such, leads to other illnesses. 

According to the Lancet article, full lockdowns and reduced vulnerability to biological threats are associated with increased patient recoveries. This is a logical conclusion as full lockdowns have drastically lessened the number of patients going to hospitals as governments focused on the estimated surge of cases [which never came, see More data gathered, more proof that early fatality estimates were massively exaggerated]. Unfortunately, the study did not include how many premature non-COVID deaths were precipitated by the inability to access medical treatment resulting from the excessive focus on COVID-19. 

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