April 12, 2024

No, COVID education is not homeschooling


In this article for the American Institute for Economic Research, Fiona Harrigan says that the pandemic is not a great moment for homeschooling. 

Harrigan states that homeschooling was an educational choice which was rooted in agency. It enabled parents to develop curriculums which addressed the individual needs of their children. It allowed homeschooled children to pursue interests which are otherwise stifled by the classroom, and to experience learning moments in the real world. 

The sudden closure of schools, and the forced homeschooling experiment had led children bored, confused, and in discomfort. Harrigan says that COVID education is not rooted in the real world and must not be viewed as homeschooling. She also reiterates that the virtues of homeschooling does not materialize automatically when children stay at home to learn. 

Editor’s Note: Homeschooling is active education, and it can do wonders for children whose needs cannot be addressed by a top-down educational system. While the closure of schools have forced parents to manage their children’s education, their active participation in the learning of their children is the critical component for true learning to happen. If parents are unable to give time to truly assist in their children’s learning, this year’s education will amount to nothing.

Homeschooling is a choice for parents who have the time and the willingness to manage their children’s education. It cannot be forced unto parents who are already juggling (and struggling with) childcare and work. What the government fails to realize is that reopening schools is still the easiest and safest solution [several experts have supported this position, read American Academy of Pediatrics Release Recommendations For School Reopening, Science Says Its Time To Reopen Schools, Children’s Commission: Children Should Be Back In School, German Experts: Schools And Day Care Centers Should Be Reopened, In-Person Learning Must Resume As Soon As Possible, Philippine Doctors Weigh In On The Educational Situation Of Children And Adolescents, 60+ Doctors And Educators Release Statement On The Situation Of Children And Adolescents During The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic].

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