May 30, 2024

Education secretary: Children need human interaction


Philippines’ eduction secretary Leonor Briones cites the importance of human interaction to the development of children as rationale for allowing limited face to face classes in low risk areas. 

In this interview with The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sec. Briones also says that children are not too affected by the pandemic and allowing human interaction, though limited, will help the education department fulfill its mandate of nurturing complete and whole individuals. 

Editor’s Note: The Philippines’ education department has received various criticisms  with its decision to open schools for blended learning this August. What few people realize is that Sec. Briones is one of the few government officials who seem to have a good grasp of global consensus concerning the virus. 
The education department’s position is a welcome relief, and and we hope that this could ease fear among parents, not only in the Philippines, but in other countries where schools remain closed.

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