May 25, 2024

Coronavirus skepticism on the rise in Switzerland


A new poll from the Swiss media outlet 20 Minutes found that in five adults in Switzerland have doubts about the coronavirus and feel that there are inconsistencies in the way it is being discussed and portrayed. Some movements have gone on to protest against the lockdown, while others, like the StayAwake movement have accused media organization in helping the government strip away fundamental rights. Protests from these organizations have been on-going as masks were made compulsory on July 6, 2020.

Editor’s Note: As you read through the attached article, notice how the coronavirus skeptics are being portrayed. They are called “conspiracy theorists”, “far right elements”, who pedal “false narratives” – a common tactic used to undermine the claims of those who question the mainstream coronavirus narrative.

Another important thing to note in this article is the growing number of individuals who are beginning to question the coronavirus response in the country. Switzerland is not alone in this sense as the UK is also registering growing coronavirus skepticism [read Atleast 1/3 of Britons may not take coronavirus vaccine]. We hope that as individuals begin to truly research about the coronavirus, more will rise up to question the prevailing narrative. For indeed, there are many loopholes to the story of the pandemic, and it takes an educated citizenry to uncover the truth [here is a list of some resources we used to better the coronavirus situation, read Science has spoken: End the lockdown].

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