May 30, 2024

What should you emphasize for good health: inner terrain or outer terrain?


There are two theories of disease and infection. The first was promoted by Louis Pasteur is the Germ Theory. The second, proposed by Antoine Bechamp is known as the Host Theory, and is the complete opposite of the first.

According to the Germ Theory, disease is caused by invasive, pathogenic germs coming from nature. Meanwhile, Host Theory says that microbes can only attack and cause disease if the host is already weakened. Germs can only thrive in the body when there is an internal imbalance or weakness. Based on the Host Theory, germs cannot invade the body – they are a product of disease, not the cause. 

Editor’s Note: Bechamp’s Host Theory has gained ground in the past couple of years, thanks to the scientific discovery of the human microbiome and human virome. This is also evidenced by the resurgence of nutritional organic agriculture (which connects the soil microbiome with the human microbiome), and nutritional approaches such as fermentation and ingestion of probiotics.

Our health is a function of our internal balance. The Host Theory returns to us the control over own bodies, and unfortunately, this could be the reason why it continues to be ignored by the mainstream [Here are two ways that the Host Theory can be useful in dealing with the so-called pandemic Rewilding Urban Spaces Can Strengthen The Human Immune System and Low COVID-19 Mortality Associated With High Consumption of Fermented Vegetables]. . 

The Host Theory eliminates the need for “middlemen” such as doctors and Big Pharma. It necessitates that we take responsibility for our own health, which in turn requires that we assess our own habits, practices, and beliefs so that we can eliminate those that no longer support our wellbeing. 

Our refusal to take control of our health is the reason why we have lockdowns. This is the reason why our children are at risk of missing an entire year of school, and the cause of many of our societal woes. If you wish to break the chain, read END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us.

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